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10 Best Fishing Sunglasses in 2020 – Ultimate Buying Guide!

All set for your fishing trip? 

Is your luggage packed already? Do you have the complete list to get you the best experience? If you want to make your fishing trip memorable then don’t forget the list…

Swimsuit, poles, insect repellent, water bottles, sun protection cream, and fishing sunglasses. Oh, Wait! Fishing sunglasses are in, right?

Best fishing sunglasses makes you witness the surreal beauty under the water surface. You wouldn’t want to compromise on the sunglasses because it’s really important on a fishing trip.

You will definitely end up getting disappointed when you get a completely blurry and unclear view in spite of the beauty surrounding you.

This article will help you in knowing the things to consider when buying Best Fishing Sunglasses from the collection.

Top 5 Fishing Sunglasses Comparison




Lens Color

Where to Buy

4 out of 4



4 out of 4



3.5 out of 4

Plastic Frame & Lens


3.5 out of 4

Iridium Plastic 


3.5 out of 4



Our Picks of 10 Best Fishing Sunglasses 2020

We have gathered the Best Fishing Sunglasses collection after personally trying all the ones in the market. Go through them.

Costa Del sunglasses are designed specifically for giving highest levels for anglers. 580 lenses reduce the penetration glares and clearly shows shapes and movements under the water. The visual view is clear and impressive.

Also, hard noise in the yellow form is shut off and prompts the RGB colors enhancements. The frames trimming reduces the slipping because it comes with a soft edge which adheres on face sides, the nose of bridge and top of ears. It is a revelation.

The glasses are comfortable, provides clarity and are stylish fits for all purposes. The lining makes you confident, and they won’t drop. Relieves you off a headache too.

High-tech lens gives you the superior quality, and they are scratch proof too. They are thinner and lighter than polarized glass and blocks glare by 99.9%.  Polarized lenses reduce headaches and strains by cutting out the reflections and its ideal for outdoor usages and on water.

Highlighted Features

  • 580p Technology reduces the penetration glares
  • Polarized lens to blocks reflections and improves clarity
  • The non-slip frame to provide you comfort
  • Scratch off lenses
  • Stylish design

Costa del Mar Cortez gives you a pleasant view of marine life. The rugged sunglasses made of nylon material makes a great fit with its linear venting, it is also strong enough and avoids slippage.

The lenses of Costa Del Mar offer sharp contrasts, enhancement of colors, and a better definition irrespective of the kind of environment. It will be offering you 100% protection from UV rays and also 100% polarization.

Costa Del Mar uses a more advanced technology with 580P which gives you a superior clarity by blocking the UV 100% and delivering 100% polarization. The lenses are constructed from plastic, and it is light regarding weight than glass. It is resistance and completely durable.

Costa Del Mar gives you an utmost comfort because the lenses are constructed with plastic and not glass, making it lightweight.  The lenses come with a coated layer which repels water, oil, dust and it is also scratch-free.

Highlighted Features:-

  • 100% Protection from UV Rays
  • Superior Clarity
  • Light in weight and durable
  • Resistant to scratches
  • Repels dust, oil, and water

Spy brand products are a mix of design with innovation. The styling of the design is simply amazing. The Spy Optic Copper Polarized sunglasses gives you 100% protection from the harmful rays, and also the polarized lenses give you a clear view blocking all the reflections from sight.

The frame is constructed from the high-quality material; it also has 5 barrel hinges. It is durable and comes with a storage pouch. There are a lot of designs in frames and lenses to choose from. The frame is made of Nylon and doesn’t slip during sweat or water. Completely durable and comfortable too.

Highlighted Features:- 

  • Durable and comfortable frame
  • 100% Protection from UV Rays
  • Visual clarity by blocking yellow light
  • Design styling
  • High-quality material
  • Anti-slip Frame
Costa Del Mar Brine Sunglasses

Summer is quite irritating when one need to accomplish their daily works by traveling in the bright sun getting exposed to it totally. In this scenario, one of the most essential prop that one should carry is a sunglass as eyes are the most sensitive organs having higher chances of getting affected with the strong UV rays. What if the potential for incredible protection comes with classic style and high-quality material at a reasonable price? Costa Del Mar is one of such exciting offer having some exceptional features that you can’t regret.


  • Lightweight, scratch resistance and high clarity sunglasses of Costa Del Mar comes with 580 Polycarbonate which makes it highly preferable at any adverse conditions in summer.

  • The 580P lens in the sunglasses is the Blue mirror polarized model which is best for bright sun, offshore as well as open water too.

  • A perfect fit that provides comfort, as well as style, is made possible with the Costa’s co-injected Biobased nylon which is quite appreciable at this price point.

  • One of the main additional benefits of Costa Del Mar sunglasses is the limited lifetime warranty thus ensuring the toughness and durability with a long-lasting performance.

A perfect combination of stylish, protection and fit makes it the best deal on sunglasses which is quite impressive in those days.

Costa Del Mar Pawley’s Sunglasses make your plan perfect!  Giving a retro look, it has all the features that can give you the best experience. The frame made with TR-90, Hydrolite and Monel gives a frame which is resistant to corrosion and is durable. It won’t slip during swear and underwater. The hinges last longer too.

The features allow you to witness the beautiful view and reduce the eyes strain by eliminating glares and provides utmost clarity. Also 100% protection from UV rays with the polarized lenses. Varieties of frames and lens are available to choose from.

Highlighted Features:-

  • Comfortable and anti-slip frame
  • 100% protection from harmful rays
  • Kills the reflections and reduces the strain on eyes
  • A lifetime warranty on the sunglasses
  • Light in weight and durable
  • Resistant to scratch
  • Superb visual clarity

Costa Del Mar Cat Cay Sunglasses are made of Nylon material which it makes durable and tough. It is a comfortable fit and also best suits for performance frames. Durable and flexible with a wraparound shape. You can have a clear view of water because of the rugged sunglasses. Blocks the yellow light and enhances the RGB colors.

Yellow light is blocked completely and enhances the red, green, and blues for providing you with a pure vision. The frame is unbreakable and is resistant to scratch. The nylon frame is lightweight. Costa offers you a range of varieties in frames and lens to choose from, and they are resistant to sweat, scratch, and shatter.

Highlighted Features:-

  • Light in weight and comfortable
  • Resistant to breakage and scratches
  • A clear view because of Polarized Lenses
  • Pure vision, sharp contrast, and deep colours
  • Anti-slip frame
  • Tough and Durable

Costa Del Mar Blackfin lets you experience the greatest adventures of life by giving you comfortable and lightweight glasses. They are an epitome of technology, innovation along with design. Costa sunglasses are resistant to water, and they are comfortable and durable.

The glasses made with Hydrolite and cold-injected nylon provides more grip and prevents slipping under exposure to water and sweat. The hand-made frames provide stability and utmost durability. The polarized lens relieves you from glares and intense light under water.

Costa offers you a range of varieties in frames and lens to choose from, and they are resistant to sweat, scratch, and shatter.

Highlighted Features:-

  • Nylon frame provides anti-slip feature
  • Light and comfortable in weight
  • Polarized lenses give you great view
  • Block of intense light under water
  • Resistant to sweat, scratch and shatter
  • Designs and varieties of frames and lens

Maui Jim World Cup Sunglasses named after a Worldwide fishing tournament is a classic sunglass wrapped with excellent versatility. American Skin Cancer Foundation recommends the glasses for the highest UV Protection.

The polarized lens blocks out the reflections and provides a clear view of the sea without any obstructing views. The frame made of durable Nylon is lightweight and adds comfort. Maui offers a variety of colors to choose from. The rectangular wrapped lenses prevent the glasses from slipping.

Highlighted Features:-

  • Complete protection from UV Rays
  • Polarized lenses provide visual clarity
  • Blocks reflections and intense lights
  • Anti-slip frame under water
  • Highest protection and recommended by ASCF

Costa Del Mar Fantail Sunglasses are a revamp of popular Blackfin, and it is a sporty favorite. It is specially made for fishermen. The frames made of Hydrolite and Cold-injected nylon avoid slipping in water or with sweat.

The hand-made frames are durable and sleek. The lenses protect you from the UV Rays. The polarized lenses provide you superb clarity by blocking the unnecessary reflections and makes it clear.

The hydrophobic and oleophobic coating in front and back gives an anti-reflective feature. There are several colors of the lens to choose from, and the oversize of the lens provides complete protection.

While you go fishing on sunny day sunglasses is a must have on your list. But it is important to have a sunglass that provides UV protection, is polarized, unbreakable and is suitable for both salt water and fresh water. If you are looking for all these features in one sunglass then the Costa Del Mar Fantail is a perfect choice.

Highlighted Features:-

  • Durable and sleek hand-made frames
  • 100% Protection from UV Rays
  • Polarized lenses to reduce reflections
  • Coating to resist intense lights
  • Oversized lens for complete protection
  • Anti-slip frame in water and sweat

Costa Del Mar Saltbreak Sunglasses works fine in both fresh and salt water. A variety of designs is available to choose from. Also, it suits almost all the face types because of its rounded rectangular lens.

Costa offers hundreds of frame combinations and lens to choose from, and they suit perfectly for all environments. The full-rim frame is made from TR Nylon. It is resistant to breaking and is a strong yet light in weight material.The lenses, rounded and rectangular in shapes suits all the face shapes mostly.

A lifetime guarantee is offered for the hand-made Costa glasses. The mirror coating protects from strong lights and reduces the light from passing through the lenses. This makes it comfortable for sunny environment usage too.

Highlighted Features:-

  • Varieties of lens and frames
  • Resistant to breakage
  • Comfortable and suits to most face types
  • Lifetime guarantee on the glasses
  • Mirror coat to protect from strong lights
  • Polarized lens for reduction of glares.

Things To Consider Before Buying Fishing Sunglasses

Sunglasses are more than just a fashion statement. They give protection eyes from the harmful eyes and prevents diseases like skin cancer and also reduces the glare.


Do not go for the glasses which are visually attractive. Put them on. Use it for a couple of minutes to make sure it is comfortable for use.

You will not be too happy if you have an uncomfortable sunglasses on because it distracts you from the views and spoils the mood too. So, always go for a comfortable choice first and then check concentrate on the design.

View Area

The view area can distract you from viewing the beautiful sceneries. Prefer for a larger lens because it reduces the brightness surrounding it and gives you a fantastic view.

Having sunglasses with less view area makes you focus highly causing strain to your eyes. When you opt for sunglasses with big view area, they will reduce the stress/strain on eyes and will prevent headaches. Also, dilating pupils will get more UV light.


Polarized lens cuts the reflections and glares. Like, if you look at a lake, the reflections in water won’t be visible. You won’t be able to see through things without polarized lenses.

The plastic looks like rainbow haloes, and you will have a problem seeing through it. With polarized lenses, it looks like a bright spot and avoids reflections.

Grey or Black/Brown Tint

Black/Grey tint is preferred for balancing of colors, and Brown tint gives yellowish shade. Prefer gray for having a balanced view and go for brown tints if you love having sunglasses for outdoor kinds of stuff.

Corrected Lenses

Having a vision from -1.75 to 0 is normal, 7-8 is blind, and ten is sightless. With a normal vision, you can leave behind your glasses. But if more then go for a prescribed sunglasses.

The difference would make you feel WOW. Get the prescribed sunglasses if you don’t want to miss a thing. It’s beautiful to see things distinct and clear.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will the fishing sunglasses provide me with exceptional benefits?

The sunglasses are essential and cannot be overlooked while fishing. They will give you protection from the sun and will also help you see the animals in the sea clearly. Most polarized sunglasses have better capabilities than the non-polarized versions for fishing. Regardless of the lens color, you can find them useful.

How should I come to know that my sunglasses are UV protected?

Sunglasses these days have UV protection in the lens rather than being coated. The reputed brands also give the UV protection right on the label of the sunglasses. So, you should always look for 100% protection against UVB and UVA sunglasses. They also give protection against UV400.

What are the drawbacks of using the polarized sunglasses for fishing?

When you are buying polarized sunglasses for fishing, there may be problems like looking at LCD screens, and problems in low light situations. Moreover, people who also have sensitive eye problems due to the lighting changes for the lenses will find issues wearing them.

Are the fishing sunglasses worth the money paid for them?

Definitely 100% worth the money! When you buy these sunglasses, you will see that they become great for sight fishing and also wearing them occasionally outside. Again, when you are going to the fishing sites, you can see that the glass will let you see right through the water without interference.

Will cheap sunglasses also give UV protection?

Sunglasses for fishing should give your 100% production at all circumstances. However, the cheap sunglasses usually will let the harmful UV rays causes damage to your eyes or sometimes make your eyes vulnerable to permanent vision loss.

How long will these fishing sunglasses last?

You can expect a life expectancy of two years from these fishing sunglasses. But, in case they lose their value, you have to replace them every 2 years.

Final Conclusion

Deciding the sunglasses ain’t easy but pick out a best one of your choice to make your fishing trip memorable because you wouldn’t want a disturbed view.

Also, we have personally made a list of important things to consider before buying a pair of Best Fishing Sunglasses to buy the best ones.

Pick up a sunglasses which has all the features you want, and go ahead! By choosing a right one, you would be all set for making the best out of your trip. Enjoy the visual clarity and in a healthy way — say no to harmful UV rays and yes to the beautiful views!