The 10 Best Fly Tying Vise 2019 Reviews: Buying Guide

While I was looking for the best fly tying vise, I had to struggle a lot. I never thought it could be this difficult. So many varieties with different features for different purposes almost got me confused before I managed to grab some of the best fly tying vises for myself.

So, I decided to write this blog to help people like me. For the sake you do not suffer such hardship in finding the perfect fly tying Vise; read further.

I have for you some of the top rated fly tying vises reviews that you can consider before finalizing one for your needs.

Starting with, the best fly tying Vise for beginners:

10 Best Fly Tying Vise 2019

1. Griffin Odyssey Spider Fly Tying Vise

Griffin Odyssey spider fly tying Vise

If you are still trying your hands on to master this art, then you must start with something you can quickly adjust to and is simple to understand. So, I would suggest you the Griffin Odyssey Spider.

It’s affordable, and the technology is truly inspiring for young fishers who are developing their pro skills in fly tying Vise. It is an ideal piece with easily adjustable features and flawless design.

Incredible strength with vibrant performance is what defines this griffin Odyssey spider fly tying vine. The Griffin make many variants of fly tying Vise but this one described here is the best fly tying Vise for amateurs.

Let me highlight its essential features to make your decision more clear.

These features that I am talking about are of type C-clamp with hook range of 28-4/0.

  • High-quality material used to impart Durability to last longer
  • Affordable price range
  • It comes with a 360 Degree rotatable Vise.
  • It’s perfect for beginners and suitable for professionals as well
  • It has a bobbin cradle along with C-clamp
  • Nice finish and stylish looks

On the whole, this Griffin Odyssey spider vein looks a handsome package at a price but my only complaint with the product is that most of its part is made of plastic. Well, maybe some people find it ok. But now that’s personal choice.

Also, I found that the rotary handle was a little snobby and loosely fit, well that can be adjusted to, I suppose.

So all in all, it’s the best pick for beginners at fly tying vine.

2. Rotary Fly Tying Vise

Rotary Fly Tying Vise

The next one I have is the best Rotary fly tying Vise that you can get in the market along with a pedestal base. So check this out.

Rotary fly tying Vise with Pedestal Base I would say that this Peak Fishing- Rotary fly tying Vise with Pedestal base is by far the sturdiest and well-structured Vise in the market. The pedestal base has a stand that is six inches wide with a white powder coated solid steel.

Another important feature of this Vise that makes it so durable is its stable platform that has convenient pockets with rounded edges for beads and hooks.

The feature that I like the most in its design is the white non-reflective paint on the base. This enables easy visibility of hooks and beads and does not stain your eyes.

This Rotary fly tying Vise allows your repeatable gripping using its stop cam. It can comfortably hold variable hooks with a range of 2/0 streamer to 24 midges.

Another interesting feature with this fly Vise is its easily adjustable length and height of the bobbin rest, friction knob and a quick-change jaw.

So let me highlight few critical aspects of this model PRV-G2

  • Comes with a stop cam
  • Nicely built quick change jaw
  • Bobbin rest has adjustable length and height
  • The friction know too is easily adjustable

While there are many benefits of this great fly tying Vise, the only thing I can find a little nasty about it is the plastic screw theta is used to tighten the rotary arm and the that there are hex head nuts to adjust the Vise. I guess it could have improved. But never mind, this Rotary fly tying Vise is a value for money at a price of $$$.

Looking for the best Rotary fly tying Vise, well I guess I found just the right thing for you.

3. Wolff Industries Apex Rotary Flying Tying Vise

Wolff Industries Apex Rotary Fly Tying Vise

The Apex model of Rotary Flying tying vise is an upgraded version of the conventional flying tying vise from Wolff Industries. With the incredible stability, good weight and complete stainless steel body, this model can probably be the best fly tying vise for the money.

Moreover, a good compact feels that enables instant fly-tie with the C-clamp and a pedestal base. In addition to all those incredible features and appreciable built, they can be used with any sizes of hooks starting from 6/0 ones to the big 32 ones.

Features: - 

  • The whole stainless steel body of the Apex Rotary flying tying vise from Wolff industries which makes it sturdy yet compatible is one of the topmost highlighting features.

  • A long lever is present on the top of jaws which make the vise reliable thus eliminating fatigue which causes due to continuous clamping and un-clamping.

  • The barrel of this Apex model can rotate in a perfect angle thus providing precise visibility to the user.

  • The Apex rotary flying tying vise can work with any hook sizes.

This flying tying vise from Wolff Industries can be a perfect upgrade from the conventional ones having all favorable tweaks for the users at the most reasonable price possible in the market.

4. Apex Rotary Fly Tying Vise

From the house of Wolff Industries comes this formidable Apex Rotary fly tying Vise with high claims. The manufacturer is providing a warranty on material and labor.

A flying Vise that is wholly constructed using high-quality stainless steel, along with steel jaws. This Vise comes with a flexible hook range of  6/0-32 hook.

The Apex Rotary has a flexible in-line that goes both left and right as coupled with the option of hand tying.

I suppose that the manufacturer did a great job by supplying a complete guiding manual along with the Vise. 

The manual is self-explanatory and gives every minute details of jaws adjustment, head positions, lock handle adjustments, and the explains the use of black wing nut.

Now, this is what I call a complete package. Right from it’s built, features, warranty, performance to a full guided manual; trust me you can get better than this at a price of $$$.

So, Summing up its features we have:

  • Quality stainless steel body
  • Right and left in-line Rotary
  • Adjustable head tying
  • Tools steel jaws
  • Free manufacturer’s warranty.

However, after I used it, my only complaint with the product is the Vise, which I found was not that smooth in operation and the nuts that loosen now and then.

Apart from this, the Apex Rotary fly tying Vise is the best fly tying Vise, if chosen from both the given options.

If you are looking for an alternative to the above best fly tying Vise that is more professional, then you can try out this another variant of Wolff Industries.

5. C-Clamp Fly Tying Vise

Regal Medallion, C-Clamp Fly Tying Vise

When it comes to fly tying vises the regal medallion vise is known to be the best flagship model in the market with some insane tweaks that is never seen in other models.

This C-clamp fly tying vise is simple to use which makes it perfect for the beginners.

All you have to do is insert the hook after opening the jaws and start tying flawlessly without any kind of inconvenience caused. Moreover, the elegant look of the vise also comes with a sturdy feel and durable built that ensures long-lasting performance to the core.

Features: - 

  • This C-Clamp fly tying vise from Regal Medallion is a completely rotary vise which can revolve around the 360° axis thus making it reliable to use.

  • There is no need for lengthy adjustments or fittings in the built or design as one can simply start tying by just inserting the hooks by opening the jaws.

  • In spite of having a sturdy feel and good ergonomics, it can articulate up to 220° up and down.

  • With the classy elegant design, it looks perfect for professionals having some impeccable featuring options in it.

With all these convenient features and built, the regal medallion C-Clamp fly tying vise is undoubtedly the best fly tying vise for the beginners to give a good start to their expertise.

6. Atlas Rotary Fly Tying Vise

Atlas Rotary Fly Tying Vise

Along with the trust and guarantee from the Wolff Industries, this proclaimed defectless product comes at a price of $$$.

It is sturdy, durable and smooth functioning. The Atlas Rotary has a fully rotatable Vise, with a full stainless-steel construction.

With Delrin Sleeve bearings and a 0-1 tool steel jaw, this fly tying Vise can easily hook between 7/0-30 range. Now, this is impressive!

It has a separate spindle lock and tying friction. It’s rust free Teflon coating makes its smooth and corrosion resistant.  It provides easy and comfortable grip and handling with its ball end and finger pins.

Let us glance at the highlight of this Pedestal base Atlas Rotary:

  • Made of high-quality stainless steel
  • Teflon coating making it rust-free, increasing its life
  • Easy grip
  • Fully Rotary Vise
  • Has a C-clamp
  • Long throw cam action with lock-up features

Well, all that glitters is not gold, so is with this highly-warranted Vise. Firstly it is a bit high priced and secondary it cannot rotate horizontally unless removed from the clamp.

Old is gold!  Trusted Fly tying vise

Well, if you are one like me, who trust the old players in the game rather than trying newcomers. Then the Orvis has your back. I am familiar with Orvis since my father introduced it to me when I was a kid. Probably I feel little more attached to it and trust it more than others.

7. The Orvis Renzetti Traveler 2000 Vise

Orvis Renzetti Traveler 2000 Vise

New, improved and far more superior inbuilt and technology, The Orvis Traveler 2000 is far better than those released earlier.

It has practically all the features that you would want on your Rotary Vise. Like the screw adjustment that makes it easy to use. It comes with a decisive rotary action and a hook size that can easily handle sizes 28-4/0.

Another great feature is that the product is available for both left handed and right handed persons providing both left or right-hand actions as per your requirements. It has a uniquely designed C-clamp in its model for Pedestal base.

Moreover, this Rotary Vise is made of top quality material and has a very stylish yet durable design. What makes it even more admirable is that it can be easily adjusted according to user’s requirements and comfort.

Let’s take a look at its amazing features once again

  • It has a decisive Rotary action
  • Can handle hooks from size 28-4/0
  • Is easy to adjust using screws
  • Available in two variants for both left and right-hand users.
  • It’s perfect for mobile uses
  • Comes with C-clamp at the pedestal base

The only limitation with this near to perfect pick for a Rotary Vise is that it still uses an “o” rubber ring on the jaw which tends to break; While changing the hook size is little troubling

But all in all, it is one Best Fly Tying Vise.

Well, you can now choose a right Fly Tying Vise according to your needs, but there are certainly other things that you must know while buying the Best Fly Tying Vise. So here is a quick guide to help you with it.

8. Atlas Rotary Fly Tying Vise

Atlas Rotary Fly Tying Vise

Accessories such as c-clamp, material clip, replaceable jaws, and a pedestal base are equipped with the Atlas Rotary fly tying vise which makes it the most preferred model from the Wolff Industries.

The body of the Atlas model rotary fly tying vise is made up from stainless steel with the 0-1 tool steel jaws too which makes it sturdy and balanced.

Moreover, pre-drilled positions are also present in the vise to place a finger pin having a ball end which enables wrapping option. 

On the other hand, the perfect strength and durability of the vise are also accompanied by the smoothness and precisions due to the entire construction of stainless steel.

Features: - 

  • Incredibly stable performance of the Atlas Rotary Fly Tying vise from Wolff Industries is probably the most compelling feature in the market due to the steel jaws and totally stainless steel built.

  • Additional favorable accessories such as c-clamp, pedestal base, and material clip, etc make it even more feasible to use.

  • This rotary fly tying vise can work with any hook sizes ranging from 7/0 to 32 which is quite advanced than the normal vises.

  • Both stability and durability are enhanced by the pedestal base having stem holder screws which also gives a good steadiness to the users while clamping.

In addition to all those incredible features, full inline rotary can be used by both beginners as well as expert thus making it the best fly tying vise under 200.

9. Danica Danvise Fly Tying Vise

Danica Danvise fly tying vise

The Rotary flying Vise from Danica Danvise can probably be the best deal in the market when it comes to vises from different manufacturers due to its incredible offerings.

Features which are seen in the flagship range vises are seen in this mid-range vise with several additional tweaks and reliable options.

All those advanced features will make the tying faster and simple even for beginners and the strong build of the vise which is made up of tempered hardened steel and steel jaws.

 Hook holding power is also extended to the maximum potential when compared to the vises with much more price range.

Features: - 

  • Flagship features such as C-clamp vise, true rotary, and the incredible steadiness are the impressive features of the Danica Danvise rotary fly tying vise.

  • The feasible cam operated jaws which are made of hardened steel have the hook holding power ranging from 7/0 to 22 which is quite enough for beginners.

  • Besides having the latest features of expensive vises in the market, it is also easy to use.

With those incredible features of the flagship vises, this vise also comes with some additional featuring options such as C-Clamp, material holder, bobbin rest, etc which makes it the best choice in the market at the mid-range price.

10. Fly tying EZ Rotary Vise

Fly Tying Ez Rotary Vise

When it comes to preference of the simple yet productive Rotary fly tying vise then the Ez rotary wise should probably be the best choice in the market.

Besides the highly durable stainless steel built which gives a perfect sturdy and feasible feel to the vise, it is also very easy to use.

Hook holder is very feasible and can be operated by beginners easily due to the reliable jaws. This vise is of as less weight as 4 pounds in total and is also equally compatible as its weight. 

Features: -

  • The Ez fly tying rotary vise is a perfect rotary vise with simple yet effective features made especially for the beginners to learn the fly tying.

  • The simple design of the rotary vise also comes with the total hardened stainless steel built which makes it highly durable and also provides long-lasting performance too.

  • The weight of 2 lbs of the vise is accompanied with the easy to use featured options that most professionals crave for.

Having such incredible features in one package, the fly tying Ez Rotary vise comes with a cheaper price that one can never regret thus making it the best fly tying vise under 100.

What Makes The Best Fly Tying Vise

You must know that several factors determine your requirements and you must identify each of these elements to pick the best product.

Let’s take a look at these factors.

The head, Fixed or adjustable: 

The head referred here is the vice’s head that can rotate if you chose the right one. There are many variants; some low priced options may have a fixed head that does not turn, some other might have only sideways movement of the head, while few other or say more expensive ones can have a full 360-degree rotating head. It is advised to go with the 360 Degree rotatable head of Vise as it gives you more leverage.


Vital thing to note about the jaw of the Vise is that it should be made from a hardened material like steel. This will ensure that the Vise jaws last longer. Another important thing, the lads inside the jaws must be nicely placed to provide you excellent grip. The critical thing about the jaws is that you utilize it only for smaller hooks. But for larger ones, there is adjustable jaw Vise available on the market, But they came at a higher price. So if the price is not your limitation you can buy the adjustable jaw that can accommodate various sizes of hooks.

Clip or Material Spring for Tying:

You must ensure that you buy the Vise that has a fly tying clip or material spring.  The best fly tying Vise will give you a perfect grip for your fly, be it a clip or spring held by a material. Or you can also buy a clip or spring if you have anyone already. It helps you a seamless experience in tying the fly and hooking.

Operation Type: 

This is what you have to pay attention to; the operation you will undertake will determine the output you will get, so you have to be careful in this regard. You must know all the action of the vice and how they work. Operating a vice is crystal to understand. You must know the working screw collet, spring lever, cam lever and the draw collet and push collet to get the maximum benefit. But how this affects your choice? Well, not all vices have all these operations, some may have only a screw collet, while other can have any combination of two of these. But a best fly tying vine will have all these operations to provide you maximum operability.

Pedestal or on the pedestal:   

Remember that a Pedestal Fly Tying Vise is useful for those who like traveling and want all the things on the go. It can be attached to any surface, and unlike non-Pedestal ones, you won’t require a particular work area for it.

So, I guess now you know how to choose the best fly tying Vise among the variants in the market. And probably with the help of these best fly tying vise review of these top options you can decide better.

Hope you like my blog, I will keep updating you with all the latest and exciting fishing accessories. Till then keep up the sport!

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