Best Kayak Paddle For The Money in 2019 – Tested & Reviewed

Kayaking is one of the most adventurous experiences that people from all around the world are fond of. However, for a full-fledged experience in this water sport, the proper paddle is surely needed.

Preference of kayak paddle has a greater impact on the efficiency of the ride and if you go for some random paddle then adverse effects could be faced.

However, with the increase in the manufacturers of those kayak paddles, it has turned out to be quite confusing on which company’s paddle should be preferred. Therefore we provide you a list of the best kayak paddle, that are ranked based on different key factors such as features available, adjustment options, favorable paddling, and price, etc.

Best Kayak Paddle For The Money (2019)

1. SeaSense X-Treme II Kayak Paddle

Getting a compatible Kayak Paddle with all the smart options possible for providing extreme convenience to the users is probably the smart choice. This X-Treme II Kayak Paddle is one such paddle having every feature required by the user for a better experience in Kayaking.

The 96-inch lightweight build accompanied with three locking positions and two-piece construction makes it the best kayak paddle for the money that may be for the novice or else for a professional.

Moreover, the 2.2 pounds of weight is quite lighter than any other conventionally built paddles available in the market.


  • This paddle from SeaSense has blades in different planes which are termed as feathered paddles and this design turns out to be the easier to handle.
  • Incredible built and two-piece constructions make this paddle easy to store.
  • X-Treme II Kayak Paddle comes with the Adjustable Drip Guards which can be adjusted as per the convenience of the users.
  • Support ridge is also provided in the paddle which adds more strength every time you drive the water and also feels comfortable even in longer rides too.
  • Three different locking positions make it a sturdy paddle even if it is used continuously to drive opposite running waters.
  • Even if it slips from the hands for any random cause, it is easy to collect it back as this paddle floats on the water.

This model of Kayak Paddle from SeaSense can be a proper prop for normal users those who need balanced support from several different aspects at a reasonable price.

2. MSC Kayak Paddle

MSC Kayak Paddle

Kayaking is such a water sport which requires a bit of experience for getting used to the paddles for direction control of the Kayak.

However, being a beginner MSC Kayak Paddle can be a proper entry-level paddle with some additional tweaks just for the novice in kayaking.

 In addition to those features, this paddle from MSC can also provide a long lasting performance due to its incredible built and mainly the anodized aluminum shaft which makes it corrosion and wears resistance to a great extent. Using this paddle for a few rides can make you a pro in kayaking as the 3 adjustable paddle angles as per your convenience. 

Features: - 

  • MSC Kayak Paddle comes with the anodized aluminum built which increases the wear resistance and corrosion resistance to a great extent thus making it insanely durable.

  • The low angle blades of the paddles are made from high tension plastic which is unmatchable in providing incredible durability and performance. 

  • The feathering angle can be adjusted from 0 to 60 degrees by three button snap.

  • The paddle from MSC also comes with Two-piece construction which makes it easy to store.

  • Support ridges accompanied with the drip guards to keep the rider dry and foam grips for better handling make it a perfect prop for the beginners.

Apart from all those features, the kayak paddle from MSC comes in many colors such as Black, Yellow, White, Olive, and Blue, etc and can be used for touring, recreational events as well as in white water which turn every beginner into a pro within a few rides. Moreover, the use of high tensile plastic on the paddle makes it affordable and thus the best choice for the novices in kayaking.

3. Carlisle Magic plus Kayak Paddle

Carlisle Magic Plus Kayak Paddle

Recreational paddling is one of the most preferred Kayaking everywhere and this Magic Plus model of Kayak Paddle from Carlisle can be the best prop with some incredible tweaks added to it which makes It better than other models of paddles.

The balanced asymmetrical blades in it reduce torque to a great extent which means there will be minimum fatigue for wrist even if you are continuously paddling for a long time.

Moreover, years of experience from the manufacturers also ensures that every need of the paddlers is fulfilled. There are a wide variety of materials and designs available from Carlisle suiting the needs of every individual and making it the best kayak paddle under 100.

Features: -

  • The wound fiberglass shaft and fiberglass reinforced polypropylene blades in the Carlisle Magic Plus Kayak Paddle make it a sturdy paddle providing incredible efficiency and balance thus making it perfect for both whitewater as well as rocky shorelines.

  • Asymmetrical blade design of this model from Carlisle is so well balanced that riders can ride continuously for a long time without any wrist fatigue or joint pains.

  • The spooned shape paddle provides efficient water propelling with minimum efforts required.

  • Fiberglass materials included in the paddle is better than the aluminum paddle as they remain cool in hot conditions and hot in cool weather conditions.

  • This paddle is also easy to store as it breaks down into two pieces from the middle.

In addition to all the incredible built quality and features provided in it, Carlisle Magic Plus Kayak Paddle also comes with variable sizes and many colors that make it a preferable choice when compared to all other options available in the market.

4. AQUA-BOUND Sting Ray Carbon 2-Piece Kayak Paddle

AQUA BOUND Kayak Paddle

Preferring the kayak paddle from a leading and reputed manufacturer is always a better choice as they provide the most promising products from all aspects possible.

AQUA-BOUND is one of such manufactures that provides top quality kayak paddles that you can trust on with extreme durability as well as impeccable build quality suiting the needs of the paddlers. This Sting Ray Carbon 2 model of kayak paddle from the manufacturer has some amazing features and customizable options that you can never regret buying.

Moreover, lightweight built and snap button for varying the angles of the blades makes it an advanced prop which can provide incredible efficiency in any adverse conditions.

Features: -

  • This futuristic paddle for kayaking from AQUABOUND Company involves Carbon Reinforced Injection Molded Nylon built which provides 20% more efficiency in every stroke.

  • High energy paddlers can have a good experience with those paddles in any type of kayaking that may be recreational or else white water kayaking with a strong and stiff body that promotes a good power transfer.

  • The entire paddle handle is made from the Lightweight Carbon Shaft which ensures less fatigue on hands and no prevents joint pains too.

  • Handy built and incredible ergonomics also comes with the ribbed textured grip that helps in holding the paddle even if palms are wet.

If you are a professional kayaking paddler then this would be the best model available till date and can also be a good upgrade from the conventional models with promising options by the manufacturers.

5. SeaSense X-Treme II Mix Kayak Paddle

SeaSense X-Treme II Mix Kayak Paddle

A normal paddle with all required features for the users can be a proper choice if you often paddle in some leisure time or during the vacation with your family members.

This X-Treme II Mix Kayak Paddle is one such compatible paddle which is simple yet efficient and durable. All kinds of features required for a convenient kayaking and some advanced features to make the experience even more comfortable is provided with it that makes a good sense for the most reasonable price point of view.

Moreover, some additional enhancements in it make it a bit advanced than a normal kayaking paddle with limited features.

Features: - 

  • The X-Treme II Mix model of Kayak Paddle from SeaSense comes with the feathered blade design which makes it efficient in recreational paddling.

  • Due to the incredible support ridge that provides added strength and efficiency to the paddle, even beginners can ride the Kayak continuously for hours.

  • Drip Guards can be adjusted as per the needs of the paddler and this can reduce the efforts to a great extent too.

  • Three locking positions are provided in the paddle which helps in handling it even in white water.

  • The two-piece construction of the paddle makes it easy to store and it also floats on the water due to the entire aluminum built.

The SeaSense X-Treme II Mix Kayak Paddle can probably be a good replacement for the paddlers if they are still using the conventional ones. Moreover, affordable pricing for all such favorable features for a normal paddler makes it a smart choice too.

6. BEST Marine Kayak Paddle Accessories

Best Marine Kayak Paddle

BEST is quite a well-known company in the Kayaking industry as most people prefer this manufacturer as their trusted companion for recreational and white water paddling.

The reason for the company being so renowned is the high-quality materials and most advanced features included in their products and also being affordable too.

The carbon fiber paddle shafts of those paddles are extremely lightweight shafts till date and the most durable fiberglass paddle blades are smooth thus providing efficient water propelling throughout the continuous boat rides in any conditions. 

Another most essential quality of the products provided by this company is that they provide variable sizes of pedals which can feel convenient in hands of all paddlers equally.

Features: - 

  • Build with high-quality materials and accompanied with the most durable additions such as fiber paddle shafts, the BEST Marine Kayak Paddles are probably the most visited paddles till date.

  • Variable sizes to promote perfect length for every paddler enhances the kayaking experience to a great extent.

  • There are enough adjustable positions in the paddle by which one can set it to different positions depending upon their comfort levels.

  • The entire paddle can be easily separated into 2 pieces and thus easy to store too.

With all those quite compelling features included in the paddle, BEST also provides a replacement or refundable policy in case customers are not satisfied with the product which depicts the trust factor the company wants to create to its users.

7. MAXSHADE COVERS Fishing kayak paddle

MAXSHADE Fishing Kayak Paddle

A simple looking product with versatile and most desired features by the customer is probably a good offering from the manufacturer. This is done best by the MSC, as its fishing kayak paddle is specially designed to look simple and decent as well as provides incredible features required for the beginners to learn kayaking easily.

This paddle from MSC is suited for all kinds of paddling such as Performance paddling, recreational, whitewater as well as touring too. Being a beginner one can also adjust the paddles and the offset angles as per their convenience which provides efficient paddling even if you are in continuous paddling mode from a long time. 

Features: -

  • Asymmetrical curved blade design accompanied by the corrosion resistant Aluminum shaft makes the fishing kayak paddle form MSC the most durable and long lasting paddle in the market.

  • The grip handles provided on the shaft are quite comfortable and holds on the palms for a long time even if they are wet.

  • Portable size of 86 inches and lightweight aluminum used in the paddle makes it easy to handle in any adverse conditions.

  • Besides being lightweight, it is also easy to store due to the two-piece construction that could be separated easily.

MSC fishing kayak paddle is a portable paddle which suits both beginners as well as professionals thus making it the best kayak paddle for fishing in the market from the price point of view.

8. BENDING BRANCHES Whisper 2-Piece Kayak Paddle


Recreational paddlers can find the whisper2-piece kayak paddle more interesting and appealing from other paddlers as the incredible lightweight built and additional tweaks suits to it from all aspects. Moreover, the flutter-free stroke option that is promoted by the extremely favorable built provides smooth water propelling no matter whether you are a beginner or a pro in paddling. There are some advanced adjustable options to this model like 3 hole snap button and varying feathering angles from 0 to 60 degrees which can reduce the efforts of the paddler almost to half with the incredible efficiency.


  • The flutter-free stroke and adjustable construction to match the requirements of all kinds of users in the BENDING BRANCHES whisper 2 models of the kayak paddle is simply up to the mark of versatile paddling techniques preferred so far.

  • Adjustable construction to change different controls as per the requirement of different paddlers including variable feather angles, as well as adjustable shaft and grips, makes it the best choice.

  • The aluminum built, oval grip area and efficient design of this paddle make it durable as well as long lasting too.

  • One can surely trust on the performance as well as efficiency as ensured by the manufacturers due to the reputed manufacturing experience of them in the past.

BENDING BRANCHES Whisper 2 kayak paddle can be a good and worthy replacement of the entry-level paddlers used by the professional paddlers due to several factors taken into consideration.

9. Carlisle Day Tripper Aluminum Kayak Paddle

Carlisle Day Tripper Aluminum Kayak Paddle

Carlisle Company is known for the extremely durable and highly efficient kayak paddles for every kind of paddlers and this Day Tripper model of the paddle is the best example of its unmatchable reputation. Being an entry-level kayak paddle Day Tripper has every requirement of the beginner to enhance the comfort level to the maximum level. The asymmetrical blade made from polypropylene is also specially included to provide a good efficiency with minimum efforts needed. Overall built of the paddle also follows the law of ergonomics to a great extent which makes it easy to handle as well as proper the water in any kind of kayaking.

Features: - 

  • Very own model of Carlisle, asymmetrical polypropylene blades are shaped in such a way that it provides highly smooth and efficient strokes thus preventing the wrist fatigue to a great extent.

  • Anodized Aluminum shaft with three variable positions in it prevents joint pain due to the lightweight and easy to hold built.

  • With the push button, one can also vary the feather blade angles from 0 to 60 degrees to make it favorable for both rights and left-hand control.

  • Versatile colors and variable sizes are some good features by the Carlisle that makes it suitable both for professionals as well as beginners.

The Daytripper Aluminum kayak paddle is an all in one featuring paddle which can turn a beginner into a pro with minimum practice on the water which is why it can be given topmost priority in entry-level paddlers available.

10. BENDING BRANCHES Angler Scout Kayak Paddle


The highly efficient performance, extreme durability level, and incredible holding features are some of the most underrated features which make the Angler Scout Kayak Paddle listed in the top kayak paddles till date.

BENDING BRANCHES is also known for the oversized polymer design and the fiberglass reinforced blades which provides smooth yet efficient strokes in recreational, touring as well as whitewater paddling. 

Even professional paddlers can find this model appreciable as it has some most advanced tweaks added with those impressive features. Besides, being portable with just 220 cm length, this paddle can be stored as well as used in fishing as well as white water paddling effectively.

Features: - 

  • Angler-friendly features such as variable feather angle designs favorable for all kinds of paddlers is one of the topmost impeccable features of the BENDING BRANCHES Angler Scout model of a kayak paddle.

  • Fiberglass reinforced blades have several applications in kayaking besides providing efficient strokes such as freeing line from snags and rescuing lures etc.

  • A clear cut measurement for the aluminum paddle shaft is provided in this model which favors the desired length and size of shafts with a good grip.

  • Being a two piece paddle, it is easy to store as well as easy to carry while traveling.

If you are looking for a mid-range kayak paddle with all the required features wanted for a professional paddler, then the Angler Scout Model from BENDING BRANCHES could be the most preferred choice over all other options available.

What to Look for when Buying a Kayak Paddle 

Kayaking is one of the most thrilling water sports and that’s the reason that why most people prefer it as a hobby or else to spend free time with family and friends.

However, for a better experience in kayaking, paddles need to be good too thus favoring the efficient strokes on water and easy to carry too. If those paddles have an uneven weight distribution or uneven blade designs, then wrist fatigue and joint pains are the common effects that are faced by almost all paddlers.

Therefore, while buying those paddles, one should go through some essential factors and check whether those features are in their favor or not. The most common ideas or key factors that should be surely taken into consideration as a paddler are

  • Length of the kayak paddle: - The paddle’s length plays a major role in your performance in kayaking which depends upon the width of the boat as well as the height of the paddler. Make sure to make a proper analysis by trying the available options or prefer an adjustable paddle to reduce the efforts on paddling in recreational paddling or touring. Any kind of uneven distribution of the length and the grip placement can lead to wrist fatigue.

  • Materials: - It is always better to go for a lightweight paddle which has the aluminum shaft and the blades made up from either high tensile plastic or lightweight polypropylene. Lightweight paddles not only enhance the efficiency and performance of them but also reduce the price too. 

  • Choice of blades: - When it comes to blades, some advanced options featuring paddles such as variable feather angles of the blades and adjustable shaft are the best choice. These models not only provide the desired length and performance with minimum efforts but also help in moving faster with good water propelling with efficient and smooth strokes. 

  • Shafts: - Shafts are also the most essential factor to take into consideration while buying a kayak paddle as better handling of the paddle promotes efficiency and longer rides. If you are holding a long shaft manufactured with random ergonomics, then you surely can’t hold the paddle for a long time and also may lead to acute joint pains that last longer.

  • Price: - The model of paddle depends on whether you are a professional or a beginner. If you are a beginner then an entry-level paddle could be enough to get a better experience on the kayak. On the other hand, lightweight kayak paddles which are made from high tensile plastics are a bit cheaper than other models. It is also smart to choose a free length paddle with variable features of length and feather angle.

Final words

Buying a kayak paddle considering the buying guide as well as features available with the top class paddles available in the market is quite smart and can provide good value for money too.

However, when it comes to pricing online shopping could be way more beneficial than the retail store shopping as seasonal offers and instant discount offers including coupon codes can reduce the price of them to half. Besides, rate cutters comparison with other companies that provides the same features and specification with varying prices is also possible that can help you to crack the best deal available in the market.

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