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The 10 Best Kayak Seats on The Market in 2020 | Buyers Guide

Kayaking is an excellent sport to enjoy as well as an opportunity to spend with nature. With Kayak, it gives you much-needed relaxation. Also, you will get a chance to participate in activities such as geocaching and fishing.

However, there is one factor which can make Kayaking uncomfortable for you and that is – Kayak Seat! Sitting for long hours in your kayak, or rolling over the waves can be a bit painful if you don’t have a comfortable kayak seat. Hence, this is the reason why you should have Best Kayak Seats for a beautiful experience.

Though a Kayak seat is an overlooked feature, there are several benefits of getting a Best Kayak seat. They are- For an instance Back Support, Additional Storage, Comfortable for long time paddling, and Perfect paddling movements.

When you don’t have the best kayak seat, it distracts you from enjoying the beauty around. Kayak seat with back support will boost the kayaking experience. We have listed the Best Fishing Kayak seats available in the market with features, and you don’t have to waste more time searching for them.

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The 10 Best Kayak Seats in 2020 (Reviews)

1. GTS Expedition Molded Foam Kayak Seat


GTS Expedition Molded Foam Kayak Seat is one of the top models designed for delivering the maximum comfort throughout the day. I recommend you this Kayak Seat for the best experience ever. It’s my favourite too. You can enjoy your day with utmost comfort.

Kayak seat of 18 inches tall constructed from thermoformed foam gives fantastic backrest and has grooves specifically designed to support spine-hugging comfort and lumbar stability. Also, the seat at the bottom is 2 inches think has channels which act as drainage to take away the water stored. It is ideal for sit-on-top kayaks.

Like the GTS models, even Expedition is made of thermoformed plastic/foam/fabric. The mix of softness and hardness helps the paddler in getting the features of long lasting durability, high quality, comfortable and firm seating support for long distance paddling. Additionally, it also features a bungee pouch for extra and secure storage.

Triangulated rear strap system provides customized support, unlike any other models. High performance is achieved by blending of a flexible plastic sheet of polyethene between EVA foam along with a fabric laminate with high density. Also, there wouldn’t be any slippage problems because of the rear attachment using 6 points. Lock system eliminates kayak seat slippage and provides adjustability.

Highlighted Features:-

  • 18 inches backrest along with 2 inches thick bottom provides maximum comfort
  • Rear attachment system of 6 points prevents slippage of seat problems
  • Customized comfort with spine hugging contours
  • Drainage channels for removing the excess water
  • Pouch for extra and secure storage

2. Leader Accessories Deluxe Kayak Seat Boat Seat


With over 30 years of experience and dedication, Leader Accessories continues to provide sports accessories across camping, RVers, fishing, power sports, water sports with its amazing products and satisfying solutions for all concepts. Leader Accessories covers awnings, covers, bags, boat seats, dry bags, wetsuits and many large products selections.

Leader Accessories Deluxe Kayak SeatBoat Seat is all you need to do your outdoor sport – kayaking more memorable and enjoyable. With longer durability and amazing quality, it is bound to make the customers happy because they justify the price and give the utmost satisfaction to the customers. Also, it provides an amazing service by fast shipping, and a beautiful experience is guaranteed.

The deluxe seat gives you the comfort and balance needed for your ride. It has four straps, two on the front and two on the back for adjustability. Support to the bottom and back enhances your experience.  The seat is very well structured to provide full support to your back. This will reduce back pains and muscle aches. All available at a competitive price, it suits well for longer trips and also offers you a webbing adjustability.

With a Deluxe Kayak seat, you will have a greater support and comfort and can go for long distance paddling without any discomfort. The durable seat also lasts longer and doesn’t fade.  the material is of high quality to sustain high temperature and salty water splashes as well. Also, it maintains a weight balance and avoids you from slipping.

Highlighted Features:

  • 4 Straps for easier adjustability – 2 straps on the front and two straps on the rear
  • Provides a great support for the bottom and the back
  • Great Comfort
  • Suits for longer distance trips
  • Competitive price
  • Webbing adjustability

3. iGuerburn Adjustable Padded Kayak Seat


Make your kayak ride comfortable and fun with the all-new adjustable and padded kayak seat from iGuerburn. Yes, this kayak seat comes with a detachable canoe and seat bag. You can easily carry your belongings in this bag anytime, anywhere you go.

While I was looking for a comfortable seat for my kayak, my friend suggested the iGuerburn. I like surfing the waters on weekends and am quite frequent in my visits with my kayak. So I was looking for a very comfortable kayak seat that I can carry with me anytime.

The iGuerburn is made from high-quality, durable EVA, nylon and metal and is very well cushioned for comfort. By far this is my top choice for a kayak sits on top paddlers. It is suitable for drifting, canoeing, rafting, and kayaking. So that means one seat serves many purposes.

If you take a look at its specs, they are quite impressive

  • The seat comes with four straps that hold the seat firmly in place.
  • The seat straps have copper hooks. Therefore, they are  non-corrosive in salt water
  • Seat surface is contour padded for perfect grip and support
  • Comes with high backrest that provides comfort on long sail
  • Ergonomic design for extra comfort and safety
  • Lightweight for easy mobility

The iGuerburn perfect shape and size make it fit comfortably in many kayaks, canoe or rafts. But the best part is that it takes very less time in installing it or taking it out. All you need is to hook on four straps, and your seat is in place.

Although, I have tried many kayak seats in the past this one has now become my favorite. Now I can spend hours sailing and rafting on water without having any discomfort or fatigue.

My suggestion for all water surfers and rafters, try the iGuerburn. It’s impressive and externally comfortable.

4. Tall Back Classic Molded Foam Kayak Seat


Are you looking for a Kayak Seat which has a larger paddler and for paddling for hours along with a longer durability for years to come? Well, Tall Back Classic Molded Foam Kayak Seat suits all the specifications and is one of the most amazing seats available in the market.

Tall Back Classic seat has an ergonomic section which is for tall paddlers and also provides extra back support. Like their compression molded seats, this seat also has the fabric welding to foam. Welded construction lasts a long time and resists fabric ripping or tearing that usually occurs with normally sewn kayak seats.

You can also replace your seat if the fabric tears. The seats are tested at 350deg and for the pressure of 60 tons to ensure the longevity and maximum resistance raising the industry standards. The backrest and seat bottom is constructed from a denier fabric making the seat rigidly and longer durability.

Unlike the looks, it is soft, flexible, and durable. It is 17.5” tall, easier for attaching to your Kayaks too. Along with the outstanding performance and padding comfort, you also have a choice to pick the pack you want. There are two configurations of packs available to choose from. They are – Two-rod holding and Standard Zipper.

Highlighted Features:-

  • Soft, Flexible, and Durable seat for longer trips
  • Easier to attach
  • Resistant to tearing and ripping
  • Two packs available to choose from: – Fishing and Zipper
  • Greater Back Support
  • Enhanced comfort to back and bottom

5. Ocean Kayak Comfort Plus Seat Back


Designed ideally for sit-on-top Kayaks. Ocean Kayak Comfort Plus Seat Back makes it an excellent choice and is one of the best seats available in the market. It provides great comfort and durability, strap adjustability and much more. Also, the seat has a reflective logo for greater visibility in low-light areas, and also enhances the security for you.

Just like the name, Ocean Comfort provides excellent support giving an additional comfort for users. You can paddle for the longer time because of the extra comfort provided by the back padding. It also comes for longer usage and great durability because of its material type — UV-resistance cloth used for constructing. It doesn’t fade and can be used for years.

A kayaker can adjust the straps with the 4-way adjustability of mounting straps. You can sit down in a comfortable way with the ability to adjust. Your long stints wouldn’t be tough anymore because of its supreme comfort. The seat is enhanced by steel springs, brass clips for ensuring the seat durability for years.

Ocean Kayak Comfort Plus Seat Back is an ideal choice if you are looking for a Kayak Seat usable for years to come, enhanced padded support allowing you to paddle for hours and a comfortable seat with adjustability.

Highlighted Features:

  • Ultimate extra comfortable experience with foam padding
  • UV Resistant, and Durable Nylon seat
  • Reinforced stays for durability
  • 4-ways adjustability to customize body type fits
  • Reflective logos for low-light
  • Steel springs and brass clips for longer lasting feature

6. Kayak Backrest Boating Seat

Kayak Backrest Boating Seat

Lots of people love boating; they love to spend time around water. But you can’t sit for a long time. You need something to sit comfortably. So here we introduce you with the kayak backrest boating seat.

This seat is very adjustable and you can sit on this seat easily and comfortably. It provides you non slip countered padded seat and the high quality design of backrest gives you more comfort while exploring the water. 

The special part about this kayak seat is you can get a detachable bag with this seat. You can carry your important stuff in the bag while boating. Some features which are beneficial for you are mentioned below.

Key Features

  • Comfortable, light-weight, and durable because this seat is made of Neoprene+600D Polyester material.
  • Easily adjustable at any place.
  • Comes with front and back straps which will help you to sit comfortably without any problem.
  • You will get a free detachable bag with this seat.
  • The grip of the seat is good, you can’t slip while sitting on this seat.
  • The height of this seat is 17-18 inches. So there is no problem with tall people.

7. GTS Sports Sit-On-Top Kayak Seat


GTS Sports kayak seat is ideal for small paddlers who need a low back support as they use a sit-on-top kayak. The 12.5” tall seat provides lumbar support for paddlers, and a deeper padding is available with the panels made of thermoformed foam. Sit-on-top kayaks are preferred by anglers for greater stability and fishing. This seat is best suitable for those users, and it has several benefits too.

This Kayak seat is built in such a way that it provides extra comfort and also allows the Kayaker to paddle easily. Kayak seat is made of thermal-molded foam. Center panels are molded deeply for ensuring additional comfort for users. To give a customized fit and firmness, the padding contours according to the body fit and ensures you have a great time on the water.

Kayak is constructed using an inbuilt laminated backrest to provide structural support along with a thick 600D fabric for enhancing the durability even during high points of stress. Fatigue is reduced by the adjustability of straps – 2 on the front and two on the rear of kayak seat back. Seat gets locked into a place and doesn’t push you off balance into a water.

The attachment system is flexible and can be operated easily just with a thumb for locking the position. Also, the GTS sports Sit-on-Top Kayak Seat has a cargo pack inbuilt at the seat back along with attachment clips constructed from solid brass for providing more storage.

Highlighted Features:

  • Zipper pack of normal size
  • Molding in Water channelling
  • Structural support with In-Built Laminated Backrests
  • Longer Durability with Fabric
  • Lockability of seat position with multi-adjustability of front and rear straps
  • Two straps on the front and two on the back

8. Skwoosh High Back Kayak Seat


Skwoosh innovation, Skwoosh High Back Kayak Seat offers lumbar support and cushioning support for paddlers. The kayak seat is made of Air-Flo3D Fabric and a gel cushion of TekPad Fluid which ensures that the kayak seat remains cool is firm and is comfortable all the time along with a superior customization and pressure alleviation.

Additional back support is provided by the adjustability of side wings of 20” padded backrest which contours according to the body type to give you the best kayaking experience. This reinforced fibreglass made low profile seat gives a greater strength, enhanced stability and power pack performance.

Overall, the seat’s heavy-duty construction gives it features like solid, durability, resistance to corrosion, comfortability, and maintenance free. It also has extra features such as the boasting of a fishing pack with the seat, convenient and removable along with 2-rod holders, 3 Plano tackle boxes, and 2 D-rings. Also, the pack has a feature which ensures gear is firm and secure, and also you are rigged properly for going into fishing.

Highlighted Features:

  • Extra padded, and Air-Flo3D Fabric constructed seat — cool, and firm
  • TekPad Fluidized Gel relieves pressure
  • Comfortable and customized seating
  • A Full-width lumbar support with adjustability
  • Removable and convenient fishing back along with rod holders
  • 2 D-rings for secure gear
  • 3 Plano Tackle Boxes
  • Low Profile Seat for enhanced performance and stability
  • 20” backrest padded along with side wings adjustability for great support

9. Manta Ray Kayak/Canoe Seat


If you have ever paddled and went on Kayaking trips, you would easily know an uncomfortable seat ruins your day. Get that off your list, and you will enjoy your adventure and never be uncomfortable again. Yak Gear Manta Ray Seat is compatible for canoes, sit-in kayaks and sit-on-top kayaks along with D-ring placements and solid brass buckles.

Kayak seat of 19 inches tall and 1” thick back gives you an amazing support you needed for long distance paddling. The bottom of 15 inches doesn’t skid and features 1-1.5 inch EVA foam for ensuring great comfort. 

Water gutters at the bottom of seat help the channel in removing the water away if the seat area gets filled with water.

Additionally, the inbuilt D-rings at the back of the seat are helpful for easier connection of other accessories and leashes. You need to have five pad eyes for installing the Manta Ray Kayak seat in a sit-in kayak. You don’t require any additional hardware for installing it in Canoes because they have a flat seat.

What else are you waiting for? Get a Manta Ray Kayak Seat already and go on your trip. It is compatible for canoes, sit-in, and also sit-on-top kayaks and also delivers an excellent support for long distance adventures. You will enjoy a comfortable ride, that is not tiring and has a perfect grip to distribute your weight evenly as the boat turns through waves.

Highlighted Features:-

  • Compatible for Canoes, Sit-on-top, and Sit-inside Kayaks
  • An adjustable seat of 19 inches with an excellent back support
  • Non-skid bottom, EVA foam cushion seat
  • Inbuilt D-rings for simple leashes and accessories connection
  • Stay-put placement offered by Brass buckles
  • Water gutters remove the water and keep the bottom dry

10. KERCO Angler-x Adjustable Sit on top Kayak Seat

KERCO Angler Kayak Seat

Kayak seat with the adjustable design that suits all kinds of kayaks and canoes can probably the best choice in the market, but when it is complemented with the durable material for a long-lasting performance and also a great comfort levels, it also turns out to be the smart choice in the market.

The Angler-x on top Kayak seat from KERCO is one such seat that can suit all your requirements from all aspects.

Besides, it also possesses the contoured padded seat surface to provide extreme comfort and adjustable straps for front and back to sturdily position the seat which makes it an ideal choice for the Kayaker from all other options available in the market.

Specifications: - 

  • Designed to fit all canoes and kayaks perfectly with the Adjustment options, the Kayak sear from KERCO is one of the most convenient kayaks and canoe seats.
  • The extra thick sitting pad with contoured padded surface and high backrest designs make the seat favorable for all sizes of people on the water.
  • Seats are also packed with the Anti-slip feature that ensures comfort as well as safety.
  • Front and back straps are adjustable to suit all sizes of people to get sturdily positioned on the seat and are also accompanied by marine quality anti-corrosion clips.
  • Build with Kerco Molded Dura foam and Nylon fabric and equipped with a detachable backpack to store all important belongings.

With all these incredible features, support from the Kerco Pro team with hassle-free customer service is quite compelling in this price range for all Kerco paddling gears.

Check Out These Impressive Benefits Of Using Kayak Seats:

  • 1. Safety is paramount: kayaks are readily utilized in sports activities like rafting. It can be pretty dangerous to let yourself loose in open waters. A kayak seat is correctly Hooked On to the kayak and has safety harness to hold you safe and steady on the kayak. 
  • 2.  Comfortable to sit or long hours: if you take your kayak for fishing in open seas or lakes or even on vacations the. You know the trouble of sitting on it for long hours. When you sue a kayak seat, you can sit on your kayak for a long time to catch fish. The seats are ergonomically designed to provide you maximum comfort. 
  • 3. Promotes stability: the seats for the kayak are so designed to have extra space on the bottom to offer you stability. These seats are specially designed to give you room enough to balance yourself while you are casting the angle for fishing or just enjoying your water ride. 
  • 4. Easy to use: a sit on kayak seat is more comfortable to use that and slip in kayak seat. The sheer fact that you don’t have to slide yourself to fit inside the kayak is very beneficial.  

Things to Consider When Buying Kayak Seat

Kayak seats have a great impact on the Kayaking experience because they help you in the paddling motion. If you have a hard seat, you wouldn’t be comfortable, and the lack of good back support doesn’t allow you to do long distance. Hence, you should get a good Kayak seat for getting the required back support.

Almost all the kayaks come with seating, but they may not be giving you the best comfortability or the required support. For getting the additional comfort needed for long distance paddling, you need to invest and get yourself a comfortable seat. But, how to pick the Best Kayak Seats tailored for your needs?
Our post helps you in finding the right Kayak by mentioning the things you need to consider before you a Kayak seat.


Your cushion size on Kayak matters a lot. Wisest decision is purchasing a Kayak seat which is thick enough to give support rather than softness. A comfortable seat allows you to do long distance paddling easily without any back aches, and you can go through new waters.

Also, the best seat gives you additional bottom padding which enhances the comfortability. It will help you in avoiding the cases of constant circulation in legs. There are wide varieties of cushion seats available in the market. Commonly used and popular cushion seat types are strap-on and self-adhesive cushions.


Kayak’s seat durability depends on the material type used for making. For instance, some seats are made using a nylon pack which doesn’t fade because of the UV Resistance. So, you have to buy seats which have longer durability.


How much do I have to spend for getting the best Kayak Seat? Well, rest your worries. It all depends on how much you have a budget for kayak seats are available in all price ranges. You don’t need to invest a large amount of buying the right seat. Paddlers don’t have to incur great costs for getting a kayak seat now.

Web sites such as Amazon offer great quality seats at an affordable price. Also, they last for the longer time if used properly.


While you enjoy your Kayaking experience, shifting in weight even in little proportions pushes you off into the water. It can be tiring and frustrating too. The best kayak seat not only gives you the comfort but also strikes a weight balance which helps in staying above water without slipping. It even helps in reducing the chances of accidental tripping in water due to loss of balance.

Now, you have an idea on which features you need to check while purchasing a Kayak. We have a customized list of Best Kayak Seats. Check them out and purchase the one which can suit your requirements.

Final Words

Now that you have an idea about the Kayak seats, their prices, and benefits of installing a Kayak seat, you wouldn’t have any problem in picking one of the Best Kayaks Seats from the best-featured collection. Kayak seat doesn’t cost that much, but it is the best add-on you can have if you want to have the best experiences from your adventures.

The final decision is yours, though it’s hard because they are best models available in the market and I recommend you still to go for ‘GTS Expedition Molded Foam Kayak Seat’ because of its the best out there!