The 10 Best Saltwater Spinning Reels For The Money (Reviews)

If you are an angler, then what type of fishing equipment you check out?Spinning Reels?

Definitely for sure. But, do you randomly select the spinning reels or choose one wisely (it makes a huge difference) it will improve the fishing, and you will be pleasantly surprised.

With saltwater spinning reels, you will be able to deal with bigger baits. Saltwater conditions vary a lot than current or inshore water fishing conditions. In saltwater, the chance of corrosion is high. It isn’t because of the high salt presence but also because of the debris and rocks present.

If you use a traditional spinning reel for saltwater, it will corrode and will not have longer durability. So, if you need the best spinning reels which last longer as well as give the best performance, then you must buy a Saltwater spinning reel which gives you excellent performance.

When you use saltwater spinning reels, they do not corrode and lasts longer than the conventional spinning reels. There are also several other benefits when you get one.

Best Saltwater Spinning Reels (Comparison 2020)

So here is my list of The 10 Best Saltwater Spinning Reels

1.  Quantum CSP40PTSE Cabo Spin Reel

Quantum CSP40PTSE Cabo Spin Reel is a winner in the market ever since its release a few years ago. The complete re-design of the previous series includes features like anti-reverse, drag systems, a fail-proof titanium bail system, and eight stainless steel bearings which deliver ultimate performance.

With Cabo Spin Reel, there is a significant boost in the functionality of the model. Cabo PTs Spinning reels have a coating of multi-layer SaltGuard to avoid corrosion issues in saltwater, and it also has Extra-hard PT gears. Line Management System gives a smoother retrieval operation along with the line roller.

Ceramic washers built in the spinning reels helps to dissipate the heat and work for longer times and the frame along with the side cover enhances the durability and lifetime of the reel. The exclusive TiMag Salt bail system works for years to come, and it is unbreakable.

Corrosion-proof and plus size Nickel-Titanium Bail wire always stays in shape, and the bail trip replaces traditional bail springs giving more reliability with the magnets. It doesn’t wear out or corrodes.

The One-piece tuned Quantum performance reel frames are robust and built with the special aluminium alloy for delivering high strength in less weight. Everything like Shafts, suitable bearings, and gears are matched so perfectly with precision, so it won’t break for heavy cranking too.

Highlighted Features:-

  • Extra-hard and easy to adjust gears
  • Multi-layer SaltGuard to prevent corrosion problems under saltwater
  • Super smooth retrieval because of Line Management System
  • Long-lasting and high durability with TiMag Titanium Bail Wire
  • Eight stainless steel bearings of high grade
  • Harmonious and adjustable drag system
  • Ceramic washers to dissipate the heat and work for longer runs
  • Side cover and Single-piece aluminum frame
  • Lightweight but sturdy frame
  • LMS Line Roller
  • Aluminum Spool
  • Anti-reverse mechanism

2. Penn Clash Spinning Reel


PENN’s spinning reels models are clashing with each other after the release of their latest “Clash” line series. Penn Clash body has construction made of full metal from out and CNC gears built within and it strikes a picture-perfect balance for functionality. Coming at an affordable price, Penn took a step ahead in regards to performance and technology.

Penn’s Clash series consists of 7 models for the anglers to choose. The lightest reel begins with the Penn Clash 2000 with 8.2 ounces. CLA 8000 is not ultralight but comes closer to 27.2 ounces.

Common features among the reels of ‘Clash’ line is the eight stainless steel ball bearings along with an anti-reverse bearing. We can attach handles on either of the left or rights. The models also use Penn’s famous HT-100 Carbon fiber drag washers for an efficient drag system.

Dura-Gear, another patent feature of the Penn Clash reels inbuilt with it. CNC gears in the system give longer durability than many spinning reels. It consists of all the essential elements necessary for an angler without compromising on the quality.

Functions like gear system, durability, bearing count and metal body makes it one of the best choices of spinning reels. The frame of metal is durable but is also light in weight. Anglers can use this for catching the bait quickly and smoothly without many efforts.

The metal body eliminates twisting which occurs when baits apply force. CNC gears allow the precision of machines is making it match perfectly for smoother retrieval. Anti-reverse bearings prevent the line from slipping and going back.

Highlighted Features:-

  • Balance of spool
  • Metal Body Construction
  • Carbon Fiber Drag Washers
  • 8 Stainless steel ball bearings
  • Robust aluminum bail wire
  • Anti-reverse bearing
  • Line capacity rings

3. Shimano Calcutta B Round Casting Reel 

Shimano Calcutta B gives you trouble-free performance and works for years to come smoothly all thanks to its anti-rust bearings, variable brake system, higher gear ratios and aluminium frame along with side plates and aluminium spool.

Calcutta B spinning reel is durable, strong, efficient and provides ergonomic handle grips for comfort. The model features 8-bearing system, a vast improvement than many models and also has oversize pedals for improving the crank power.

Calcutta’s latest version is a popular choice in the market because of its a class reel with the fastest performance for today’s anglers. The round frame free of the spinning reel is perfect. Ultralight and forge aluminium frame ensure the alignment remains excellent along with a substantial rigidity and lifelong durability.

With Calcutta spinning reels, you can do anything. You can catch large baits easily now without letting them escape back into the water, and also it performs efficiently for all water conditions.

Exclusive rust resistant bearings handle the drag load pressure and give an ultra-smooth performance, and it has several improvements than old Calcutta. Reels can easily handle the super-lines and catch baits in severe conditions.

Shimano Calcutta reels are versatile and durable. It makes an ideal choice for anglers. We can use it for saltwater or freshwater. Sideplates, spool, and frame increase the durability and the anti-rust bearings give smooth performance.

Highlighted Features:-

  • Cold-forge aluminum frame for strength
  • Spool and side plates
  • Anti-rust bearings to prevent corrosion and slip
  • Variable Brake System
  • One way roller
  • Drag settings to withstand drag pressure
  • One-way roller to avoid stress on drag
  • Spool System

4. Shimano Tiger Saltwater Reels


Shimano Tiger Reels is a favourite and ultimate choice by several anglers across the globe. All thanks to its high performance and excellent durability, it can easily give a tough competition to the biggest fishes in the ocean.

With the “A” series of Shimano Tiagra spinning reels, the new ratcheting lever drag concept came into light, and it improves the precision of drag adjustment and also provides an enhancement of gearing system. 

Anglers can get more leverage because of the ergonomic grip on the handle.

Anglers can get more leverage because of the ergonomic grip on the handle. Shimano Tiagra is a leading choice among anglers and on the lever drag and offshore trolling motor. Shimano’s Tiagra is an improvement in the liver drag as well as live bait applications.

You can find Shimano Tiagra all over the world. It’s extremely famous across the globe. Shimano Tiagra is one of the finest saltwater spinning reel available. Ease of use and the durability is useful from the day one use. Tiagra is built to handle harsh saltwater, and its gearing system allows a lockup of stable and smooth simultaneously.

Drag Range of Tiagra allows for easier target of large fish and it’s to manage the control under all conditions and assures successful captures. Drag range fights and prevents the escape of large baits.

Shimano Tiger Reels are famous among fish lovers who want to fish in angular. This spinning reel is one of the largest selling fishing reels across the world. There are many variants available in the market and over the internet. Before you tend to choose perfect fishing reel do not forget to check the latest launches.

Highlighted Features:-

  • Enhancement in Gearing System
  • Excellent drag system
  • Ergonomic handle grip
  • Ease of use
  • Drag adjustment
  • Line capacity precision

5. Shimano Stradic CI4+ 2500 FA Spinning Reel Front Drag


Shimano Stradic CI4+ is next version of CI4 original. CI4 was a successful product among bass fishing reels, but Shimano wants to add improvements and came up with new upgrades. The enhancement of features was made to make it work for all water conditions.

Stardic CI4+ is one of the most famous products in the market because it is affordable, delivers excellent performance, light in weight, and has exceptional drag adjustments. It is light in weight than the other reels but doesn’t compromise with the durability.

Shimano’s Stardic CI4+ is a final and lightweight spinning reel and delivers outstanding performance. Stardic is a construct of fluoro Bon, monofilament lines and its ideal for usage in various application. The reel of CI4+ is remarkably stronger but is light in weight too because it doesn’t consist of metal and resists corrosion.

Stardic CI4+ is a perfect choice for saltwater and brackish environments. Cranking power increased by an additional 20% because of X-ship gearing and it comes with an extension of gear life. The precision of handle is more because of the magnum lite rotor.

Retrieval and handle control is easy. In lightweight category, this spool reel is the best, and nothing can beat it. It comes with all the necessary features like lightweight, durable frame, drag smoothness.

What makes CI4+ an ideal choice is, the cost. It is the best fishing reel available at a reasonable price, and it doesn’t compromise on the quality of the product. It also works under all water conditions like lake fishing or river.

Highlighted Features:-

  • Lightweight Frame and Rotor Construction
  • X-Ship hearing system
  • Excellent durability
  • S A-RB Ball Beatings
  • Aluminum Handle
  • EVA Handle Grip
  • Compatible with mono carbon, Fluorocarbon, and PowerPro lines

6. Penn Battle 10/230 Line Capacity 6+1 Spinning Reel


Penn Battle 10/230 Line Capacity 6+1 Bearing Spinning Reel built from Metal, and it has HT-100™ dragging system so you cannot go wrong with this. Because of the HT100 Drag system, you will be able to use a washer on both sides for ensuring the maximum number of drag, smoother start-ups, more range than any other reels.

PENN’s exclusive grease feature adds longevity. Reels can withstand high load pressure and also resist the corrosion enhancing the durability.

Spinning reel has five stainless steel ball bearings for a smoother performance along with an Anti-reverse bearing.

PENN made significant improvements in the spinning reels of this model along with a fresh design and they are resistant to corrosion and can perform well under saltwater conditions. PENN’s Battle 10/230 spinning reel is made to address the saltwater spinning reel issues on which their previous products couldn’t do.

PENN Battle took the spinning reels to another level altogether. Durability is the primary feature of the model. It also has stainless steel ball bearings, and they prevent water from collecting in the chamber. You wouldn’t find any water issues with this model.

Additional drag system withstands high load pressures and fights back not letting the fishes escape, and you can use from either side of the washer. Drag pressure is considerably more in this model than their previous products giving an increase of 20% in the max drag.

Highlighted Features:-

  • Full metal construction, rotor, and side plate
  • HT-100 Drag Washers
  • Six stainless steel ball bearings
  • Anti-reverse bearing
  • Aluminum bail wire
  • Line Capacity
  • Superline spool

7. Abu Garcia Revo Toro Beast Low Profile Reel


Anglers are always in search for a saltwater spinning feel with characteristics like high in regards to line capacity along with a nylon monofilament and delivers strong performance in regards to frame rigidity, drag, and power. Little in gear ratio.

It is easy to find two of them, but when you want the three characteristics, the number of choices you get is limited especially in cases where you want a retrieval reel on left hand — which is available less in many of the spinning reels.

The reel which best fits the category is Shimano Curado 300 because of its huge capacity and it also has a gear ratio of 6:2:1 slow but isn’t for crawling.  Abu Garcia is a low profile fish catcher with large capacity, and you have two sizes to choose from, and they come in 6:2:1 and 4:9:1 and also has both right and left hand retrieve.

Carbon Matrix Drag System in Abu Garcia gives it an excellent drag pressure giving a consistent and smoother performance. The design is systematic and doesn’t leave anything for your concerns. Abu Gracia makes an ideal choice, and you can purchase itto the amazing features.

Highlighted Features:

  • High construction quality
  • Excellent performance
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Active handle
  • Responsive drag system

8. Shimano Thunnus CI4 Spinning Reel


Shimano Thunnus CI4 Spinning Reel is lightweight and sturdy enough to fight big fishes, and it works against nature laws to deliver beautiful performance. Anglers can get the best results with the fishing reel because of its extreme durability, latest technology, reliable functionality, and excellent performance.

Shimano Thunnus is an all-in-one package, and it can handle any big baits easily on blue waters and inshore waters.

Shimano’s bicycle division made of carbon material boosts the power to resist under high conditions. Lightweight and robust, it is ideal for anglers who love fishing.

Anglers will find it convenient to have and use the equipment because of its ease of functionality along with the additional features it offers. Thunnus is seven ounces less in weight than its previous version but doesn’t compromise on the power and durability making it one of the best saltwater spinning reels available in the market.

Adjustability of the reel helps you in catching baits under all water conditions, and it has a smooth operation. Similar to the Thunnus generation spinning reels, this is also highly efficient spinning reel you can purchase, and the drag system withstands high loading pressures and doesn’t let the bait escape.

The spinning reel made of carbon fibers gives a high performance with a reduction of 20% regarding weight. Since the spinning reel doesn’t involve metal in construction, it doesn’t rust. Strength and lightweight spinning reels deliver precise tolerances along with excellent performance.

Highlighted Features:-

  • Lightweight rotor and frame
  • Line Management System and Paladin Gears
  • Bail wire
  • Power Roller
  • Drive Mechanism
  • Ergonomic grip handle
  • Waterproof drag with carbon washers
  • Compatible with fluorocarbon, mono or braid

9. Shimano Stradic STCI4+4000FA Reel


Shimano improvises with every product just like the addition of a waterproof drag system in Stradic CI4 and it goes under various tests to check its withstanding pressure. It can beat all the harsh conditions and give you an excellent performance. Shimano Stradic delivers high performance along with benefits.

Drag surface area is large and can handle the second drag pressure than the previous version.

The material is similar to the previous version but its less stiff and more rigid. It is light in weight, and the propulsion design reduces the friction, thereby eliminating the wind knots on retrieving and casting.

Shimano Stardic highlights are not the dominant strength also, its resistance regarding corrosion because it does not have a body made of metal unlike many and you are free of rust too. Stardic works ideally for the saltwater.

Front drag system of Stardic CI4 enhances the durability of a spinning reel and its performance too for handling tougher fishes. Drag system of the spinning reel is waterproof too.

Shimano’s innovative Stardic CI4‘s drag system offers additional features like protection from exposure to elements which can compromise on the drag system. It doesn’t have any mechanical or slippage problems. Waterproof drag system works flawlessly and its ease to use make the dragging more efficient.

With the spinning reel, you can easily manage a 20 lbs drag and many anglers using this spinning reel doesn’t have any problem with it even under various water conditions. In fact, you have the ease to adjust the reel and power without any problems. Also, its ideal and works for water conditions of all types.

Highlighted Features:-

  • Extraordinary build
  • Extreme strength
  • Enhanced durability
  • Active X-Ship feature
  • High-speed retrieval
  • Easy gripping

10. Penn Fathom Lever Drag2 Speed Reel


What makes PENN Fathom Lever Drag 2 Speel Reel one of the best and harsh saltwater spinning reels? Well, it’s because of the gear train’s combination with the stainless steel for the lightweight and comfortable handle. The gear perfect combination delivers high speed and extra strength.

Also, the side plates and metal body gives longer durability and excellent performance under all the water conditions. Dura-Drag washers handle the drag pressure under tough situations eliminating the problems. You cannot describe these reels in words because they are amazing in performance.

Fathom is rich in features with double-dog ratchet anti-reverse, 2-speed system, and the line capacity rings. Five stainless steel ball bearings fit in the reel gives a smoother operation, and anglers can catch baits easily now.

Penn Fathom Lever Drag 2-speed reel makes it a must for the anglers with the main gears and stainless steel frame and they are extremely light in weight too. It doesn’t compromise on the performance, durability and also withstands all water conditions especially saltwater.

Full-metal body and machined-aluminum help to resist corrosion against exposure to seawater. Drag washers eliminate tight drags and handle drag loading pressures. The material of Dura-Drag consists of carbon-fiber which prevents breaking down in water.

Quick-Shift allows shifting the reels into a low gear or high gear smoothly. Line-capacity shows you how much line is in water and gives you exact precision. Double-dag ratchet anti-reverse prevents slipping, and the baits cannot escape. Stainless steel ball bearings provide a smoother operation.

Highlighted Features:-

  • Full metal body for durability and strength
  • Quick-Shift for gear adjustments
  • Machined Aluminum Spool
  • Stainless steel bearings
  • Dura-Drag washers
  • Anti-reverse mechanism
  • Line capacity rings

5 Benefits of Saltwater Spinning Reels

Well, you can always count on spinning reels for a good day at fishing. These provide number of benefits some of them are as discussed below:

  • The foremost important aspect of saltwater spinning reel is that they are corrosion resistant. The salt in the water can damage any reel but if the reel is resistant to saltwater its durability is increased with longer life and better performance.
  • When compared to ordinary reels specific saltwater reels are Meade upto 50% lighter. This is because of the material they use in making it, keeping in mind the density of salt-water is higher than the thickness of freshwater. Which requires lighter reel for quicker retrieve and smoother recall. 
  • Since the spinning reels are lighter; they are more accurate; It is handy for anglers who want to cast accurately and targeting more considerable distances also becomes more comfortable. 
  • The specially designed saltwater reels have good drag system which makes fighting a fish easier, especially for medium and large fish. 
  • Spinning reels have an excellent line capacity, and they are good with braided lines as well. The greater Line capacity is an added advantage when you have to fight those tough fishes like permit, bonefish or tarpon. 

Things To Consider When Buying Saltwater Spinning Reels

Fishing reels simplify the process of catching fishes of all sizes and types in aquatic environments, but they are a regular machine. Typical reels have a spool, body, handle, bail, gears, and drag adjustment.

Most phenomenal and traditional fishing reel from all types is the Saltwater spinning reel also known as ‘Open-faced’ reel. Saltwater spinning reels perform well in all kinds of water and its a perfect choice for fishing. Rigs of the reel can be convenient for handling tough fish.

Saltwater spinning reels consist of features that make it unique and best like the bearing count, body material, line capacity, and much more. Therefore, you have to check out the things to consider while buying Best Saltwater spinning reels to


The body of the reels is a construct of different materials which give a direct effect on cost. The saltwater spinning reel built for managing higher loads because of which they are made using sturdy materials like cast aluminium and graphite.

Saltwater spinning reels aren’t only great, but they are resistant to corrosion because of saltwater. Spinning reel of the body includes support arm, mounting foot, and a gearbox housing.

Anti-Reverse Handle

Saltwater spinning reels handle for rolling the fishing line on a spoof of reels. Unlike saltwater spinning reels, the bail rotates in a way that it wraps to avoid snarls. Anti-reverse handling prevents the slipping away of the line, and it is comfortable for both the right and left-handers. Anti-reverse handle prevents the handle from going back.


Spool stores the fishing line of saltwater spinning reels. Spools mostly are made from graphite or anodized aluminum. Reels made of this materials are stronger and can withstand saltwater conditions. Reel capacity determines the size of the spool.

The weight of Test line and reel size determines the line position. For instance, the rate 255/14 for reels denotes its length/line weight.


Bait is mount on spring-load highest. Anglers can cast a lure out by making the bail open and manually close the bail by cranking the handle. Bail should close quick after cast for avoiding snarling of line.

Drag Adjustment

Drag adjustment is a vital feature because it showcases how reels work for the drag devices and control speed of pulling the spool after catching the fish. It collaborates with the maximum strength and resists the fight of fish. Pull will help you in catching larger baits like Blue Marlin and Tuna.


If you have a sufficient number of bearings, your saltwater spinning reels operate smoothly. They are fit in the body of reel t avoid jerks, slips, and a strip of gears. When you are purchasing a saltwater spinning reel, go for a spinning reel with high ball bearings.

You can find the number of ball bearings by reading the package of the reel or on the manufacturer’s website.


Gears should be able to withstand high load pressure of saltwater fish, and they must have metal gears to ensure they stand up effectively. It is best for the anglers to go for a higher gear ratio since its worth investment.

Final Words

Fishing in saltwater isn’t easy, but with saltwater spinning reels, the amount of effort reduces and its worth the investment too. You can make a wise choice which gives you several more benefits if you buy a spinning reel which suits your type of fishing and the water.

Best Saltwater Spinning Reels should work in any conditions and their front part should be so good that it can work in any salt water. Also, the body construction and metal side plate should not make your compromise if you are catching a big fish. The design should be waterproof so that you can fish in any conditions.

For anglers, this is the best tool for trouble-free fishing. Regardless of the product you buy, have a regular maintenance for longer durability. Saltwater fishing is beneficial because you never know what you will end up with.

Have a good time fishing with the purchase of Best saltwater spinning reels!