10 Best Ultralight Spinning Rods Under 100 For The Money

Selecting a proper spinning rod is quite essential to get a good outcome from the time and money invested in fishing. Without considering some essential factors such as materials used, length of the rod, the weight of the rod, sensitivity, cork handles and hook sets, one couldn’t get a perfectly suited spin rod from the market.

However, even after considering them getting ensured whether they are the true claims from the manufacturers is also a whole new task when buying such delicate things. On the other hand, good ergonomics is also followed by the price and durability too, which depends on the materials used in it.

  Therefore we provide you some of the best spinning rods under 100 from the leading manufacturers which can be considered safe from the features, specifications as well as from the price point of view.

10 Best Ultralight Spinning Rod Under 100

1. Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Rod

People those who often go for fishing often looks for a comfortable spinning rod with good sensitivity. The spinning rod from Ugly Stik Elite brought all those features to its model based on the desperate requirement of the users. Incredible design, lightweight and high durability are some of the features which favor the anglers of all skill levels that may be beginners or else a pro in fishing.

Moreover, the use of graphite and the firm handhold of the cork handles make it extremely convenient in hours of fishing. In addition to this, the impeccable built of the rod reacts to every lightest strike and nibble underwater when accompanied by the most reliable hook sets.

Features: - 

  • Use of 35% of graphite as well as fiberglass in the spinning rod by Ugly Stik Elite makes it lightweight and extremely durable.

  • One of the most compelling features of this model is its clear tip design which provides high sensitivity to any kinds of strikes and nibbles.

  • The firm yet smooth cork handles provides a good level of comfort to the palm even in fishing for a long time continuously.

  • Lightweight built of the rod is also accompanied with the stainless steel which can sustain the weight of fish even while sudden jerks while pulling the fish out of the water.

The extreme quality built and design of the Ugly Stik Elite spinning rod is made for every angler and can be the best one for beginners due to it's lightweight and durability. It can be a good choice if you are just starting with fishing in lakes.

2. St Croix Avid Spinning Rods

Having an advanced model of Spinning Rod is probably the best thing for the professional anglers as they can have quite an upper hand from the fellow peers in lakes and rivers while fishing.

The Avid Spinning rods of St Croix is one such advanced model specially made for the pro anglers to improve their fishing skills to a whole new level. 

With 70 years of experience in this field, St. Croix ensures the best model of spinning rods till date that makes it the most promising company with latest features and high-end materials used to enhance its sensitivity with maintaining the lightweight and durability.

Features: - 

  • There are different options for anglers in St Croix Avid Spinning rods varying in size, action as well as power for various kinds of anglers.

  • Integrated poly curve technology is one of the most incredible features which is infused to eliminate all transitional points that enables smoother actions and enhanced strength.

  • Advanced Reinforcing technology improves the strength of the hoop by preventing the deformation while carrying heavy weights due to the use of carbon fiber material.

  • The carbon fibers are kept aligned by using the fortified resin system which is also good in preventing micro buckling too.

  • Taper enhancement technology induces high sensitivity to recognize any kind of nibbles or strikes underwater.

The Avid Spinning Rod is quite an advanced model which suits to every professional angler with the supreme build, incredible durability and tons of compelling features. It can be a good upgrade for the pros in fishing from the conventional ones.

3. B’n’M Duck Commander Ultralite Crappie Spin Rod

A simple yet technically durable spin rod is quite a good choice for the angler who often goes for fishing in adverse temperature conditions.

The Ultra-lite Crappie Spin rod is one such effective model of B’n’M Duck Commander which can be used in any adverse conditions with the convenience that anglers look for. 

The lightweight built of the 2 piece rod favors continuous fishing for hours due to the graphite blank of high quality. Besides, being simple and elegant looking it is also engineered in such a way that even a small strike to the rod underwater can be sensed to the hands-on the spin rod.

Features: - 

  • The incredible built and the simple design is quite a complementing feature of the Ultralite Crappie Spin rod from B’n’M’ Duck Commander that makes it suitable for every type of fishing. 

  • The Portuguese cork handle is considered one of the most reliable versions of the handles as they provide good sensitivity as well as feels smooth and firm to the palm.

  • Stainless steel guides of Dyna-flo is quite an impressive addition from the price point of view as it is best in sustaining the heavyweight from the hook set.

  • The Chartreuse Depth monitoring wraps enhance the sensitivity of the hook inside the water and every strike can be felt by hands on the grip easily.

If you are looking for a quick upgrade from your conventional model of the spin rod with the appreciable design that is quite good in sustaining heavy weights then the B’n’M Duck Commander Ultralite Crappy Spin Rod is the best ultralight spinning rod for you in the market.

4. G.Loomis GL2 Trout Jig Rods

A highly durable Spin rod which can sustain a good amount of weight is probably the most preferred model by anglers of all skill levels.

When it comes to durability, the GL2 Trout Jig Rods from G.Loomis is probably the best choice in the market due to outstanding features enlisted in its specifications. 

The excellently engineered built and designs of these rods are perfectly favorable to catch trout on bait, marabou jigs and lures too. GL2 graphic used in the rod makes it highly durable which can protect the light line and sudden strikes too.

Features: - 

  • Use of GL2 graphite in the trout jig rods from G.Loomis makes it highly durable to sustain all kinds of weights that may be trout or marabou jigs.

  • Graphite also makes it lightweight and thus provides a good fishing experience in any adverse conditions.

  • Composite corks and species corks are well built with smooth and firm handling capabilities to increase the sensitivity.

  • Both four-piece and two-piece rods are available based on the requirements of the anglers and this option could be favorable to the beginners from several aspects being a novice in fishing.

  • The hook set and the cork are built to sustain the heavy flow of water that may be in-stream, lakes or else in rivers too.

The simple-looking spin rod from G.Loomis is quite a good option to catch trout on baits, lures, etc and the good grip and durably built is perfect for the beginners in fishing.

5. St Croix Panfish Series Spinning Rods

The Panfish Series Spinning Rods from St.Croix is built to provide the best fishing experience to the anglers of all skill levels due to the superior quality built as well as tons of advanced features.

Besides those appreciable features, various kinds of rod actions are also available for anglers with different needs which make it quite a compelling choice. 

Moreover, the blanks of the rods which are constructed with a blend of SCII and SCVI graphite maintain a good balance and provide a good responsive touch. All those significant qualities of this model from St.Croix is probably the best in the market that one can never regret.

Features: - 

  • The blend of super high modulus graphite such as SCVI and SCII provides a great balance to the entire spin rod thus maintaining a good ergonomics all over the body.

  • Incredible built of this rod is meant for crappie, bluegill, and Panfish.

  • Pac Bay minima reel seat is for providing a good level of sensitivity when underwater.

  • The Panfish Series spinning rods from St.Croix is specially built for the professionals for fishing in any kind of water that may be stream, lakes or else river.

  • Firm and smooth cork handle are best for fishing for a long time.

  • The stainless steel rings and frame goes well with the sea guides in maintaining a good balance throughout the spin rod.

Featured with incredible design, high sensitivity levels, and good balance, the Panfish series spin rod is best for the professionals those who try for fishing in any adverse conditions often.

6. St. Croix Triumph Spinning Rods

When it comes to an all in one Spinning Rod for almost every anglers varying in different styles and sizes, Triumph Spinning Rods from St.Croix is the most preferred ones.

Mid-modulus graphite fiber such as SCII which not only makes the rod highly durable but also makes it lightweight makes it the best prop for anglers of any skill levels. 

Moreover, the availability of a number of rod actions based on the requirements of different anglers for fishing in several spots enhances its productivity and efficiency to a great extent.

Features: - 

  • Rod power of the St. Croix is one of the main highlighting features which enhance the efficiency enabling you to catch fishes of any size throughout the day.

  • SCII graphite is one of the most preferred premium quality graphite that makes the rod durable as well as lightweight too. 

  • Fuji DPS reel seat on spinning models of frosted silver hoods and the Fuji ECS or TC reel seat on the casting models empowers the rod with incredible strength, high sensitivity and good hook setting power.

  • Flex-Coat slow cure finish of two coats provides a long term performance with maximum durability.

  • Cork handle of highly premium-grade provides a good balance throughout the stick with the super firm and smooth feel to the palm even if you use it for a long time continuously.

All these extreme features of Triumph spinning rods of St.Croix is also followed by the 5 years warranty that is provided by the St.Croix superstar service which makes it a perfect choice for both beginners as well as professionals for fishing in every type of water.

7. OKUMA Celilo Graphite Lightweight Ultralight Trout Rods

Catching the lake trout fish is quite an amazing experience for beginners in fishing and spin rods that are made from the Celilo series of OKUMA makes it even better.

The bottom graphite rods accompanied with the incredible built and design makes it lightweight as well as highly durable thus ensuring long-lasting performance even if it goes through rough usages in lakes and streams. 

Top class quality materials used in building the Ultralight Trout Roads are probably the best in the market for the anglers of any skill levels. It is probably the best spinning rod for trouts for the anglers who go for fishing often in nearby lakes and rivers.

Features: - 

  • This insanely durable Celilo model of Trout rods from OKUMA is designed with the high-quality materials containing stainless steel and graphite which makes it highly durable even in rough usage.

  • Ultralite 2 piece model of trout rods are probably the best in the market with 

  • Sensitive graphite blank construction provides a good sensitivity to the rod sensing even a small strike to the hook set underwater.

  • Aluminum oxide guards make it lightweight as well durable besides providing a well-balanced weight distribution throughout the rod.

  • The stainless steel hooded reel seats are way beneficial to maintain a good ergonomics of the rod thus supporting a long-time fishing experience.

  • Fore and rear cork grips made with a firm and smooth finish on it improve the whole body balance as per the convenience.

Besides all those readily available features in the spin rod of Celilo model from OKUMA, graphite which makes it an ultra-light fishing rod for salmon and trout fishing in any water body is quite a compelling option.

8. Shakespeare micro spinning Rod

Fishing with an ultra-light spin rod is quite an enjoyable experience for anglers as they are lightweight as well as durable too. The micro-series spin rod of the Shakespeare company is one such extravagant model which promotes ultralight fishing.

Moreover, the availability of a variety of actions and lengths of the rods that suits almost all kinds of anglers no matter in which place they prefer fishing. Lighter lures and lines also enable the long-time fishing experience without causing any kind of inconvenience or discomfort to the beginners in fishing. 


  • Ultralight action of the rod is the most highlighting feature of the Spin rod from micro-series of Shakespeare company which is enhanced by the use of Graphite composite rods.

  • Full cork handles, being firm and smooth provides a comfortable handling experience even if it is used for a long time in a rough way by a novice.

  • Cushioned hoods accompanied with the conventional real sheet provides a good handling feature to the spin rod which enables fishing in streams, lakes and even in saltwater too.

  • Stainless steel guides to provide good support to the body are also effective in maintaining the overall weight balance of the rod.

  • Versatile rod actions and lengths to fit any species is also a compelling feature from the price point of view.

Apart from all those incredible features of Shakespeare micro spinning rod, price is also an essential factor to consider which makes it the best spinning rod among all other spin rods available in the market with different features.

9. Fenwick Eagle Spinning rods

The Eagle series of the Fenwick spinning rod is one of the most promising models containing all kinds of tweaks required by the anglers. Modern equipment accompanied with the lightweight features makes it quite advanced as per requirement.

Strong and sensitive graphite blank provides a good weight balance to the rod thus maintaining the overall built as per the convenience. Stainless steel guides provide a lightweight as well as durable feature accompanied with the corrosion resistance too.

Original graphite rod of premium quality is quite an appreciable addition to the whole build and design of the rod which makes it equally durable, lightweight as well balanced.


  • The comfortable design which promotes a convenient feel to the hands is the topmost highlighting feature of the eagle series of spinning rods from Fenwick.

  • The traditional cork handle is liked by most anglers these days due to the grip comfort provided by it while fishing and the B2 burled cork design provides the same feel from all aspects.

  • Stainless steel guides which are equally durable, as well as lightweight, makes the whole body of the rod convenient to handle for a long time.

  • Classic Fenwick Actions are also the top-end features of this model which are time tested by the engineers for a better handling capacity and other weight balancing features.

All those features of the spinning rods of Fenwick are also complemented with the multi-hook set system in it which could be a better choice while fishing in streams and rivers.

10.UglyStik GX2 Spinning Rod

Preferring the latest version which has undergone some significant changes from its previous version is always a smart choice as the new one should have covered all kinds of drawbacks faced by the older models.

The GX2 spinning Rod from UglyStik is one of such major upgrades from its older model that gained the attention of lots of anglers due to the excellent built and effective usage properties. Lighter feel, as well as durability of the rod, is also taken to a whole new level with this model with the use of eye-catching components and incredible clear tip design that provides high sensitivity while fishing.

Features: - 

  • Graphite and fiberglass construction of the GX2 model of spinning rod from UglyStik is quite an appreciable addition which was wanted by many anglers in the past.

  • The one-piece stainless steel guides make it highly durable as well as corrosion-resistant too.

  • Sensitivity and strength are maintained with the full potential of the clear tip design.

  • EVA grips are also quite durable as well as lightweight which provides a good comfort level to the palm while fishing in the running water bodies.

  • The 4 piece rod construction with the medium power built is probably the best in the market with the lure weight and ergonomically balanced design.

This can be a proper upgrade from the previous model of the UglyStik spinning rods but can work with its full potential only while catching light lures in rivers or lakes.

What To Look For In An Ultralight Spinning Rod?

Fishing is probably an exciting experience for beginners but for professional anglers, those who have to spend hours in catching fishes in various water bodies, the props required for fishing is quite essential.

 Besides all other props such as baits and boats, spinning rods has equal importance as the good quality of rod with proper size and build not only favors to catch more fishes but also provides good support to handle for a long term continuous fishing. Therefore preferring a good quality spin rod is an important factor while you are getting started with fishing. 

However, there are several options in the market varying in several factors from which choosing the best model is quite a difficult task.

There are some essential key factors which can be considered while choosing the spin rod in order to find the best and most convenient model from the market or online stores.

Build and materials used 

One should always prefer a spin rod with lightweight built as heavy rods can be painful to the elbows and joints. Mostly graphite used spin rods are seen these days which not only makes the rod lightweight but also makes it durable too. Looking for the graphite built spinning rod is always better in terms of the design. On the other hand, when it comes to materials used in the rod, stainless steel in the cork handle and the hook sets can work best in any adverse conditions.


 Rod length is quite an essential factor while looking for a spinning rod and it should be first identified by mere testing or real-time usage applications. One can find the spinning rod varying from 4 feet to 14 feet in size.


Rod power is also an essential thing to consider while buying the spin rod and it can be defined as the potential of the rod after which it starts bending. The correct combination of power and rod action is required to check whether the baits are working properly underwater. 


While having a durable and well-built spin rod it is also essential to have high sensitivity to know whether the bait has worked or not. A spin rod with high sensitivity can sense any small strike of any fish to the hook set.


Although the price of the spin rod completely depends on the features and specifications infused in it, one can compare it with some essential factors such as handle, design, power, sensitivity and rod actions too.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do longer spinning rods offer further casting?

The longer rod can give the long cast. It's quite simple in terms of use when there are equal power and action. Then, there is the 7 feet rod with casting ability to a farther distance than the 6 feet rod. Some rods have 300 yards capacity. The longest rods that over 7 feet have the capability of casting further when compared to shorter rods with their similar action and power. 

Why do pro bass fishermen switch towards using spinning rods?

At the times of power fishing sours and on the line paychecks, fishermen usually switch to using a spinning rod. It allows the cast bite-provoking styles. Similarly, in the saltwater, it's tough to go ahead with the baitcaster into a pothole at 90 feet. Here, only a spinning rod becomes the best option for pro bass fishing. Spinning rods tackle shaky heads and drop-shotting.

Why are the spinning reels mostly left-handed?

When you have the reel handle on the left, it starts giving the advantage of freeing up dominant. This feature gives the attainment of stronger, and hand to hold functionality. It will give you better abilities with the large fish fishing. The left-handed spinning reels find better capability than the right-handed versions. These days you will mostly find models with left-handed reels.

Can I combine my casting rod with the spinning reel?

When you try combining the spinning reel on the casting rod, there is a chance of sacrificing the casting distance as well as compromising with the rod. This situation happens in the reverse case. It limits the casting and catching abilities of the new rod.  

Using the spinning rod in such circumstances isn’t recommended because the casting rods usually come with the smaller guides compared to the spinning rods. 

What can I get maximum benefit using the spinning rods?

Spinning gear will have several advantages over baitcasting gear. This especially suits the fact that they can handle weightless baits to 1/4 of an ounce. The combination of spinning rod and reel will work for a good casting distance. Besides, you can also get the long heavy rods with grip handles. They are suitable for surfcasting for saltwater fish and salmon fishing. When you are looking for live bait for catfish, panfish, and walleye, these rods will present the maximum usefulness.

Are spinning rods more effective in terms of their performance than baitcasters?

Spinning reels will give advantage in the form of casting light weights, and learning faster. They're better than baitcasters when you're running short of time in developing fishing skills. But, it's good to remember that baitcasting reels can handle heavier lines. This is where the spinning rods fail. Usually, the small baitcasting reels can provide greater casting distance.

Final words

Buying a spinning rod for regular usage takes a lot of factors to consider but acquiring the best deal is what one should look for. The proper value for your money can be found in online stores where there are perfectly mentioned features and specifications in it accompanied by the option to compare the rods with other companies. Choice of sizes, colors and many more requirements can also be done easily in online stores when compared to the retail stores in the market. However, one should always go with the rod having tons of features, tons of options, warranty or ensured durability and also the most reasonable price possible for all those features and specifications in it.