5 Best Trolling Motors for Kayaks 2018 [Freshwater & Saltwater Models]

Honest confession, I can’t paddle for long and so I prefer using my best trolling motor for kayak when I have a long day at fishing, but that’s a different story. Kayak trolling motor comes into play when you need to cover large water for fishing.

Although anglers don't prefer it much, but most of the time having the best trolling motor is the greatest advantage.

Kayaking is effortless when equipped with the best trolling motor but finding that perfect match require some effort.

Here we have a compilation of best trolling motors and their reviews to help you make an informed choice.

Best Trolling Motors Comparison 2018

goplus trolling motor

Looking for the best troll my motor for kayak, Jon boats or canoes? Well, look no further. Goplus brings you a world class trolling 86lbs transom mounted motor. 

The robust design is suitable for the small size and medium size boats or kayaks. The trolling motor is uniquely designed for freshwater use.

What is best in this trolling motor is its ergonomically designed handle. Yes, it has a telescopic and adjustable six-inch handle with makes you control the motor comfortably with a lot of ease.

Worried about underwater weeds and grass? Well. The Goplus trolling motor has weedless three blade propeller that ensures you smooth and efficient running even in ponds and lakes with grasses and weeds.

The motor can efficiently run for 8-10 hours with an overnight charge. It can smoothly go a 3.5-4 mph with load on my 16 ft Jon boat when I took it for a fishing vacation.

Although, I wasn’t satisfied with its quality; It’s quite standard not very high given its features which are so impressive. But I guess the price does the justice with both features and quality so that you can go for it.

Well, let us see what you get with this trolling motor

  • You get eight gears that include five forward speed gear and three reverse gears 
  • Thrust that reaches an 86lbs 
  • 36” shaft length
  • A three blade propeller
  • A 24 V power motor weighing 22lbs 
  • 6” adjustable telescopic handle 
  • 10 points battery indicator with LED lights 

The package you will buy will include the trolling motor and an operation manual that is easy to understand. The customer's service response is satisfactory not very good I will say, but that doesn’t count given the benefits you get with this freshwater trolling motor.  But if you are looking for something that can stay with you for long, then this motor is surely not the one.

2. Minn Kota Endura C2 30 Freshwater TransomMounted Trolling Motor (30″ Shaft)

best trolling motor for kayak

Minn Kota believes in innovating their products, and their Endura C2 is an excellent performer who is built with a keen research, and also it comes with a warranty of two years. The combination of design and functionality, a package which will never disappoint you and makes you go to fishing everytime possible.

Endura C2 is a freshwater 12-volt transom-mounted motor with 30-inch shaft and 30 thrust level. It has a telescoping handle of 6 inches and a tilt twist for providing you steering and speed control; a solid mount is available because of the lever lock bracket.

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Minn Kota’s power generates less noise, less heat and runs cool with windings, commutators, and large brushes. It also extends the battery life and conserves the battery. Power doesn’t scare fish and also enhances the battery life.

There are three reversing speeds, and five forwarding speeds to give you the maximum control. The composite shaft is indestructible and comes with a warranty of life, and the motor has a 2-year warranty.

Freshwater fishing holes can be best discovered with Endura C2 which is built sing transom mount motor and will work for years without performance degrades. The smallest 12V motor comes with three reversing speeds and forwarding speeds and gives the maximum control for anglers. Minnkota’s quiet power maximizes motor life, prolongs battery life, and reduces the spooky fish noise.

Tilt Twist makes the operation easier and comfortable in the boat, and a solid mount is possible because of lever lock. The composite shaft of Endura will not corrode, break, or kink and is indestructible too. The motor is backed by a warranty of two years; it won’t fail you for usage in fresh water.

The shaft is flexible on impact and won’t kink or corrode. The best feature of Endura C2 is its Cool and Quiet Power which can dissipate the heat formation and cool down the motor. Since the motor cools down, it reduces the friction created and blocks the spooky noise and also enhances the battery life.

With Endura C2 Kayak Trolling motor, you will spend more time in fishing because it is one of the best motors that can make it easy for you!

Highlighted Features

  • ​Telescoping handle for easy and comfortable steering
  • ​Solid mount with Lever Lock Bracket resists warping, flexing and UV damage
  • Automatic heat dissipation
  • ​Maximum control on steering and speed
  • ​3 Reversing Speeds and 5 Forwarding Speeds
  • ​Cool and Quiet Power enhances battery life and reduces friction
  • Composite Shaft resists corrosion, kink, breaking

3. Watersnake T18S Asp Motor (White, 24-inch)

kayak trolling motor

From the very trusted brand comes a very compatible trolling motor that functions equally well in saltwater and freshwater. The T18S ASP is a fantastic motor that works efficiently for small size kayaks. Dinghies and boats(inflatable).  It can easily be transom mounted with secure attachments.  

Works efficiently with two speed modes, high and low with both forward and reverse gear functions. It produces a thrust of 18 pounds that is powered by a 12V  trolling motor.

The watersnake T18S ASP trolling motor is available with a one-year manufacturer warranty. This manual controlling trolling motor is the best transom motor in the market so far, given the price and features ratio.

  • Built with alloy shaft for durability and performance in harsh conditions 
  • Comes with weedless design propeller with two blades
  • Weighs only 18 lbs so you can easily carry it
  •  Super quiet performance 
  • 12 V electric trolling motor
  •  Size is just accurate with 24-inch shaft 

Ever since its release back in 2006, the watersnake has stood out both regarding performance and quality. Despite its low price, there is no compromise on quality of material used or spare parts. Customers service response is quick and appreciable.  The only drawback that I felt was that it doesn’t come with a tilt bracket. So it means you have to take it out every time you are not using it.

4. Newport Vessels NV-Series 36 lb. Thrust Saltwater Transom Mounted Electric Trolling Motor with 30″ Shaft

trolling motor for kayak

Newport Vessels NV-Series Trolling motor comes with a 36lb thrust and is way different from many competitors models like Motor guide and Minn Kota. Both the brands offer some motors with amazing thrust power, but Newport Vessels is offering more features and with a low cost.

The main reason that makes Newport Vessels stand out from the rest is that of its resistance in saltwater. We can not say the same for many trolling motors, and many cannot be used for saltwater too. NV motor is made of stainless steel, aluminum, and zinc for enhancing its performance even in saltwater.

Another main factor is its 5-point meter built-in inside the motor head for delivering precise measurements of battery life. Many of the trolling motor models lack this functionality. Also, the composite fiberglass shaft of 30 inches gives a thrust of 36lb and is strong; it also works perfectly for kayaks, boats, or vessels which require 36lb thrust motor.

Newport Vessels 36lb Trolling Motor provides many key features at just a cost of $129, the lowest offered in the market. The NV series motor is the transom-mounted motor, low-cost and it gives a reliable performance and works for longer runtime with a small workload. Trolling motor fulfills all purposes and is versatile.

High-quality materials along with an excellent design are used for making NV future-proof and long lasting for years. The composite 30-inch shaft has adjustability and has 36lbs of thrust; it fits all the inflatable boats as well as dinghies, kayaks, fishing boats, tenders, and transom-inflatables. The control system of 8 speed(3 reverse speeds, and five forwarding speeds) makes the ride smooth, and the speed increments can be adjusted.

2 Blade Propeller with 8.9-inch diameter comes along with the 36lb thrust trolling motor for power conservation and optimal compatibility. 5 point led battery enhances the battery life and lasts longer. The transom-mounted motor is powered using 12V Cycle Battery. Stainless steel resists corrosion in both the saltwater and freshwater. Works in saltwater without compromising on the performance of the motor.

Highlighted Features:-

  • Works efficiently in both the salt and freshwater
  • Eight-speed control system
  • Best features in a low cost
  • 36lb thrust
  • Composite 30-inch fibreglass shaft
  • Stainless steel resisting corrosion in saltwater and coldwater
  • Telescoping handle of 6 inches and a 5-Point LED Batter
kayak trolling motors

This is the best rates trolling motor for kayaks for 2017. It is salt water resistant which increases its durability and increases its efficiency for effortless fishing. With a maximum thrust of 55 lbs it gives you enough speed and thrust to range over five forward and three backward gears for quick transit during fishing.

Minn-Kota Endura C2 is a favorite among many people….it’s praised for its performance and affordable price. Minn Kota believed in the innovation of their products instead of imitating. This trolling motor is a legendary performer who has been built in a way to last longer, explore and it also has a backup of quiet and cool power.

Package of both functionality and design, it’s precise, has a powerful shaft along with prop and comfortability with the hand control. The features make it work for a longer time and takes less time to fight weeds, and it ensures comfort in all the ways. Check out the product; it’s an excellent performer.

Minn Kota’s power generates less noise, less heat and runs cool with windings, commutators, and large brushes. It also extends the battery life and conserves the battery. Greater thrust and prolonged life come with the motor.

Bearing system is unique and produces a high-level torque or low RPMs which thereby cuts down the fish-spooking noise, and they will not have an idea of your presence.

Composite Shaft is indestructible and is guaranteed for life. Stronger than steel, pound for pound. The shaft doesn’t break, corrode or kink by flexing on the impact. Prop performance is powerful; the 50-55 thrust model features a two prop which has the capability to take thick stuff without draining the battery and hacking.

Reliable performance is offered by the flared, swept-back blades. The thrust models of 30,40, and 45 has a Power Prop for delivering extra power needed to perform heavy vegetation. Hand control system is of 6”, ergonomic telescoping handle with convenient and comfortable steering.

Rock solid mounting is delivered by the lever lock bracket which is stronger than the routine brackets. Special materials are included for warping, the resistance of flex, and also the UV damage. Easier to dismount after the day. With Endura C2 Trolling motor, you will spend more time in fishing because it is one of the best motors that can make it easy for you!

Highlighted Features:-

  • Light in weight and easy to transport
  • Doesn’t snag underwater with 2-blade propeller
  • Aluminum shaft for easily adjusting height
  • Easy Installation of Built-in Motor
  • Durable and Inexpensive
  • Comfortable and convenient steering

All you need to know is the things to consider before you select one trolling motor.

Top 3 Trolling Motors Brands

Minn Kota:

Minn Kota is a very respectable name when it comes to freshwater trolling motors. The manufacturer Minn Kota believes in innovation and technically creative designs. Minn Kota is famous for building some of the world most robust trolling motors that have the power to outperform the smartest makes. The brand also makes other fishing gears and accessories for both freshwater and saltwater and sports.

Newport Vessels: 

Newport Vessels is a direct selling company which sells its fishing gears and accessories directly to, end customers. Probably this is one reason that its products are comparatively cheaper than its competitors. Innovation and quality is the deriving motive of manufacturing. Its high speed trolling motors are made to stand both freshwater and saltwater fishing. It’s known to develop latest and technically advanced engines with LED display and an indestructible motor head. The lightweight and robust design is the key to manufacturing world-class trolling motors. 


Probably the makers had the strongest and deadliest water snake in mind before taking the name, and they withstand it in every aspect. The watersnake manufactures trolling motors for kayaks, canoes, inflatable boats, and are readily used as fishing boat motors as well. The motors are lightweight, elegantly sleek design and very powerful. 

Things to consider while choosing Trolling Motor

Decided to buy a trolling motor? Well, you have made a great choice. Get ready to cover more area without having to waste energy. But, you should have an idea about certain aspects before you buy a motor for Kayak.

First of all, not everything is pre-installed, and they are costly if they do. No worries. Just keep a few things in mind when you are buying fishing accessories for Kayak because they depend on the mounting location, kayak size, and the battery. More detailed description:

Mounting Location

Trolling motors are categorized into two because of the mounting position. You can place it on the transom of the boat or bow. Generally, in Kayaks, we do transom mount because they fit easily and we can operate while sitting.

Steering is a bit difficult for beginners, but you are all set if you adjust. Bow mount for trolling motors is preferred when the boats are medium to large. They include high-tech features like wireless control and auto-pilot but is expensive.

Kayak Size

To know how much battery power and amount of thrust needed in the Trolling Motor, you have to analyze your Kayak. Trolling motors come in 3 ratings – 12, 24 and 36V to adhere the different requirements. For Kayaks smaller than sixteen feet, the 12V power source will be enough. For nineteen feet Kayak, a minimum 36V is needed.

Loading Capacity

The loading capacity of the boat will determine the amount of thrust needed. If the capacity is over 1500 pounds, you will require a minimum 30 pounds thrust for movements. For larger boats, we need a minimum of 80 pounds thrust.

If you are going with families or it is a trip for many then having a trolling motor which has minimum 80 pounds thrust is necessary.

Handbook of Trolling Motor includes the details of thrust, but you need to know the Kayak size, loading capacity, and its weight.

Water Type

What is the water type of your fishing area? Freshwater? Saltwater?

Saltwater gives a rigorous environment for fishing, and the accessories corrode when it doesn’t have lubrication or an anti-rusting material. You must have an idea of the water to buy the Best Trolling Motor and be specific while buying.

Buying a trolling motor designed especially for operating in the salt waters will increase its efficiency and give the best output and also makes it long lasting and durable.

We have tested, analyzed and made a collection of Best Trolling Motors for Kayaks for making the best of your fishing experience. Check them out here.

Final Verdict

Are you one of those enthusiasts who love fishing but hesitates to step ahead because it is tiring? Well, a trolling motor makes everything easy for you. With a mounted motor, you can just go and enjoy the fishing without having to put your entire strength for the movements of kayaks or boats. In this way, you neither get tired nor do you have to stop in the middle.

With the Best Trolling Motor for Kayak, you can go to fishing whenever you feel like and enjoy it without worries. You can spend long time fishing without the worries of paddling or weather. In situations like weather changes, when you have to get back to the shore immediately, normal pedaling doesn’t work. Your maximum strength still won’t be enough for pulling you to the shore easily.

Trolling Motor helps you in getting the maximum control of speeds; you will have an offer of various speeds with different trolling motors. Choose a trolling motor which has all the features you like.

Our Best Kayak Trolling Motor compromises of the Best Trolling motors in the market. Convenient, comfortable and easier installations. Make your fishing happier and exciting. Buy one now!

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