The 6 Best Ultralight Spinning Reel for Trout 2019 [Reviews]

Choosing a spinning reel for the fisherman is the best choice, and they should choose it smartly to win a good price during their fishing. This becomes the fine choice when you want to bring the small panfish over your weekends and not worried about the monstrous catfish prize.

When you speak about the ultralight spinning reel, then it should be around eight ounces, and this type of spinning reel can help you to fish all day long without straining yourself which can be caused by the larger equipment.

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Most of the fisherman uses this type of spinning reel for a small fish, and little more passionate fisherman use the corrosion resistance spinning reel for various saltwater.

So, who are dedicated to the art of fishing might keep a pair of reels in the backpacks or in the car to discover the new water bodies during their travel.

6 Popular Lightweight Spinning Reels Comparisons 



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6 Best Ultralight Spinning Reel for Trout 2019 – Top Picks

So, let’s have a look at the best ultralight spinning reel:

The runners-up on our list of the top spinning fishing reel are the Sahara FI from Shimano. If you are looking for a power packed performance with durability and ability, then look no further than the Sahara FI.
The Hagane gear system made using the cold forged technique imparts the reel unmatched durability and power in its performance. Another great reason to own a Shimano FI is it’s ergonomically designed the GFree body that gives minimum fatigue to you and lot of comfort while you keep your fishing angle for long hours.

Let’s take a look at its highlighted features 

  •  XT 7 body that protects the Hegan gear system 
  •  X ship system for maximum efficiency 
  • ARC spool for enhanced casting comfort 
  • Available in 1000 to 5000 sizes 
  • 7-24 lbs of maximum drag force
  • 26-41 inch retrieve/ crank 
  • Four ball bearing and roller bearing 
  • Water resistant

With so many technically advanced features and gears, the FI provided you exceptional performance, consistency, efficiency, and durability.

True to its name the Shimano has served the world with quality fishing gears at unbeatable prices. Shimano uses technology to its core to give you guarantee and performance oriented products.

The Sahara FI is a technically advanced fishing reel that delivers comfort for inshore fishing along with the powerful drag and fast retrieve that compliments your angler fishing style.

If you are looking for a durable and dependable product that gives you dominant performance with ease, then the Shimano Sahara FI is all that you need. 

2. Pflueger Supreme XT Spinning Fishing Reel

Pflueger Supreme XT Spinning Fishing Reel

Our top pick in the lightweight fishing reel category is the Pflueger Supreme XT. Super lightweight with excellent durability makes the supreme XT a class apart fishing reel. The most exceptional spinning reel made with magnesium alloy body along with braid enabled aluminum spool is just the thing you can’t resist.

Having a sealed drag made from carbon fiber makes it perfect for inshore or freshwater fishing. Its ultralight weight model makes it very comfortable and convenient for fishing even for long hours.

Let’s take a close look at its features:

  • Smooth drag system and feather-light design are its key
  • EVA handle knob provides unmatched comfort
  • A highly precise smart retrieval system
  • Magnesium rotor and body that provide rigidity and durability to the reel without adding to the weight
  • It has a braid ready design that allows you to set the spool directly on the reel

The Pflueger Supreme XT is ergonomically designed to divide the weight of the line and the reel such that it will not stain your hand even if you had to hold it for long hours.

There is one crucial reason to chose this reel as the top contender in the lightweight category is that its 21% lighter than the reels made of aluminum.

It’s the choice of every angler, it’s precision and simple drag and retrieves has made it world famous and most demanded reel in the market.

So, if you are looking for a lightweight, dependable and guaranteed product, the Supreme XT is everything you would want from an excellent reel.

3. Okuma Ceymar Lightweight Spinning Reel


Okuma Ceymar has the sleek and smooth design to give the best performance and a fantastic fishing experience for all the anglers. Ceymar has the line of advanced performance features:

  • This ultralight lightweight spinning reel is constructed on a fluid 8-bearing drive system.
  • It features précised elliptical gearing system, for smooth performance.
  • It has the oversized line rollers and heavy-duty solid aluminum bail wire which helps to keep the spinning reel working for long term.
  • Ceymar has the machined and rigid aluminum spool which helps to create a foundation of strength for braided and monofilament fishing lines.
  • It has the forged aluminum handle arm which offers the complete control over the reel.
  • Also, the custom EVA handle knobs provide the great comfortable over the reel.
  • The rotor system of the reel features Okuma RESII computer balancing so that the rotor can spin at high speed without developing the annoying wobble.
  • Ceymar has the Blade Body Design so that it reduces the size of the spinning reel, now the anglers can concentrate on fish rather on a reel.

This is the best ultralight spinning reel at the affordable price, the anglers who want to hunt the fish for their fun can buy this Okuma Ceymar lightweight spinning reel.

4. SHIMANO Sienna FE, Freshwater Spinning Fishing Reel


SHIMANO Sienna FE, Freshwater Spinning Fishing Reel is an excellent entry-level tool with the performance and dependability of higher-end reels.  With a newly-shifted center of gravity, the oscillation gear is nearer to the rod, leading to a more-balanced feel. 

This product utilizes an M-Compact XGT-7 material to offer a lighter, more rigid body.  With the propulsion line management system cast further, it reduces backlash while the Super Stopper II™ provides instant anti-reverse.

Many people prefer this product due to its splendid features such as:

  • AR-C spool forces line to come off in smaller loops, 
  • its Dyna-balance feature,
  • eliminates wobble during the retrieve by counter balancing the rotor to enhance sensitivity and smoothness,
  • creates a more-balanced feel with re-centered center of gravity,
  • propulsion line management system for farther casts and reduced backlash, and
  • super stopper II™ for fast anti-reverse.

Additionally, by using an oval oscillation gear, you are able to alter the speed of the oscillation cam to provide a consistent spool speed.  This result in an even line lay that provides excellent castability and manageability.

In short, this product is an excellent and cost-effective option for anglers.  This product will give you an enjoyable, long-lasting fishing experience and this makes the SHIMANO Sienna FE, Freshwater Spinning Fishing Reel a perfect choice to opt for a wide range of finesse technique.

5. Daiwa D-Spin Ultralight Spinning Fishing Reel


Daiwa D-Spin Spinning Reel is the best ultralight spinning reel which has the better durability and provides the better performance for the fisherman. This reel has the smooth and sleek design which provides the better angle and comfort for the anglers.

Also, it has the Digigear Digital Gear Design for better power, speed, and durability. Also, it has the composite housing which makes it a better choice for the fisherman.

Its performance justifies its price, and it is the better choice for the fishers. You can catch the trout, and the balance of the reel will not shake you, it will be a smooth experience for you.

It comes with two washers, so you can adjust or remove the washers according to the choice of fish you are catching. The fishing line also adjusts along with the spool it creates. So, overall this spinning reel is the best ultralight spinning reel which provides you the comfort while fishing.

6. Okuma Fishing Tackle Helios Extremely Lightweight Spinning Reel


Okuma has various fishing spinning reels; they are in the race to provide the better fishing experience to the anglers. Fishing tackle Helios is the best ultralight spinning reel with many advanced features to give the better comfort to the fishers.

This fishing reel from Okuma has unveiled the Helios Line for ultra-powerful and ultra-light spinning reel. 

Let’s have a look at some of the power packed advanced features of this spinning reel:

  • Okuma Helios Spinning Reel is 50% stronger and 25% lighter than the graphite-framed reels.
  • Helios resins have the mix of long carbon fiber strands, which is tens of thousands of times stronger than the standard resin with the powdered filter.
  • Helios frame and rotor system both combines use the long strand carbon filter construction.
  • The connections between the fiber are enhanced to give the 50% more strength, and the less resin and fiber is used overall, the weight is reduced by 25% when compared with the standard graphite frames.
  • It is constructed of the resin-impregnated carbon cloth which is very similar to the fishing rods, the spool top and the side plates of the spinning reel achieve the ultimate strength-to-weight ratios, which delivers the minimum weight and unmatched strength.
  • The side plate, handle arm and drag knob of the Helios reel is constructed with the Okuma 1K carbon fiber.
  • When we come to the interior, it has the Helios Precision Elliptical Gear System which is a machine cut from aluminum; this gear is the harder and lighter gears when compared to the traditional brass gears.
  • This gear is the corrosion resistance gears for any saltwater bodies.

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Okuma has indeed built their spinning reels with many advanced technological features to make it lightweight and at the same time, they are stronger when compared with other spinning reels. This reel is certainly the best ultralight spinning reel which comes with the features, and it justifies the price for catching the trouts. Since Okuma is in the market from long time they have not left any space for negative reviews.

Final Words

The best ultralight spinning reel is the one which provides you the lightweight and a stronger performance when compared with the traditional fishing lines. These reels are compacted with the better performance features to give you the comfort when you go for fishing. So, the construction of the spinning reels is made in such a way that you can catch fish in any conditions, as they are corrosion resistance.

These spinning reels are built intelligently, that they can give you the optimized performance. So, what are you waiting for, just purchase and carry the reel in your backpack and go out for fishing and win some prizes in the form of small pan fish or the trout?

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