Penn Battle II Spinning Reel Review 2018 – Buying Guide

Penn Battle II ReviewPenn Battle II is an upgrade version of Penn Battle and is available on the market for four years now. In comparison to the previous one, the latest version had many significant revisions. Coming to the price, it is affordable and varies between the high-end reels and budget reels like Abu Garcia and Okuma Avenger. Read on to know about the complete information of Penn Battle II Spinning Reels.

Penn Battle II’s open face reel has a choice of 8 sizes. It comes with the lowest 1000 size to 4000. 1000 being the lightest model makes a great pick for usage in freshwater. The latest addition to 2500 size gives it a 2000 body along with a spool and rotor. The spinning reels fall in the ratio of 5:2:1 to 6:2:1 in higher models.Gear ratios indicate the catching abilities of the reel.

Penn Battle II offers Drag Washers on both sides. Because of this, Battle II has the maximum drag, more great range, and a smooth start-up than many others spinning reels. Penn’s grease on the drag washers gives it a maximum longevity too.

Battle II Spinning Reels have an attractive design and also lasts longer. Also, it offers a smooth drag and is made of steel allowing easy maintenance for alignments of gear even under extreme pressure. Rubber gasket of the reel will not permit the slipping of super lines and you needn’t have a backing too. Battle II is one of the best spinning reels available in the market because of its excellent features.

 Features of Penn Battle II Spinning Reel

Extra Corrosion Resistance

Penn’s design and built helps it avoids the damage of frame from chemicals and sprays. Penn has overcome the previous design problems with its upgrade version. Penn Battle II provides extra corrosion resistance and lasts longer. Also, it promotes durability and robustness.

If your spinning reel isn’t resistant to corrosion, it will degrade quickly decreasing the durability.

Ball bearings

Stainless steel bearings of the spinning reel give it enhance durability and prevent intrusions in saltwater. Unlike the previous models with shielded bearings, Penn Battle II has five ball bearings for the longer lasting feature.

Ball bearings makes the movement smooth increasing the ease of usage. Adding upto 3-5 ball bearings is useful but there won’t be much difference if you add beyond 5.

Improvement in Drag Pressure

Penn’s drag pressure is always ahead even in this model. Penn’s top model features the HT-100 drag washers and its one of the most important factor of Penn. You can use on both sides, and it increases the drag by 20. Though, you don’t use the max drag feature always; it’s great to have one.

Line Capacity Rings

This feature assists the anglers to know the line capacity and how much is left. You can know how much more you have to pull. It is an important feature for the anglers.

Anti-Reverse Handle

Unlike the other spinning reels, the bail of Battle II rotates but avoids snarls. Also, the line slip away is prevent using the reverse handle feature. It is convenient for both the left and right-handed anglers. This feature helps anglers in tackling the fight against fishes. It also prevents the fishes from escaping back into the water. It is necessary for the anglers to catch the fishes successfully.

HT-100 Drag Washers

Battle’s prominent feature HT-100 Drag Washers allow the use of drag washers on both the sides. It allows the Battle II to have a maximum drag, more powerful range and a smoother startup than many other competitors. Also, the grease increases the longevity of the reels.


Battle I has several improvements in the design. The construction of Battle II is made of steel, and it has resistance to corrosion. Also, it lasts longer and works efficiently.


Penn Battle II is one of the best spinning reels available in the market today and is completely affordable.


Penn’s Battle II Spinning Reel is entirely made of steel for precise gear alignment even under extreme conditions. Rubber gasket prevents the slipping of super line.


  • Effective for catching smaller and bigger fishes
  • Construct from rust-resistant material
  • Improvement in Durability
  • Instantaneous Anti-reverse feature
  • Smooth and Balanced retrievals
  • Ergonomic handle with soft-touch knob
  • Precise gear alignment
  • Rubber gasket for prevention of slipping


  • Heavy
  • Makes noises at times
  • Slow for pulling

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Can I know how 8000 model is different from 1000 because both have the same LBs when I click on them?

8000 spinning reel model has a larger line capacity and is a large reel. Large reels have 6000-8000 size and can fight the large fishes. Also, additional line capacity helps in catching fishes in depth which is helpful in catching huge fishes. Larger reels also have a drag system, and they can withstand the line stripping during tackling of huge fishes. Whereas, 1000 size is small and has less line capacity. 1000 is preferable for catching small species. However, you can still use it for catching larger fishes if you have the skills.

How many Ball bearings does Battle II have?

5 Stainless steel bearings. Thanks for the query.

I am a newbie to fishing. Will this reel work fine for fresh water? For Bass? Or only for Saltwater?
Penn Battle II works great for both of them. Also, it lasts longer even under extreme conditions.
What type of line should I be using for a 4000 model?
It usually depends on the fishing style. 20lb braid can be utilized for all kinds except finesse fishing You will have to research the best line for your fishing type.

Final Words

Though, Penn Battle II is low regarding budget than many of its competitors. But, it doesn’t compromise a bit on the performance and quality of the spinning reel. Penn Battle II Spinning Reel is a worth investment reel for the anglers because of its excellent in reliability and performance. It’s undoubtedly one of the best spinning reel available in the market.

If you maintain the spinning reels correctly, you can use it for longer time quickly, and it stands high regarding performance irrespective of years. Additionally, Penn offers an excellent service for the customers, and you can always trust them for the service. Why are you still waiting? Go and purchase this best reels and enjoy fishing!